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  1. Let me be your apprentice m8

  2. You've been doing a great job in Support man.

    1. Malorne


      pls, he's following the footsteps of his senpai ;D

  3. I've said this before somewhere but hosting the same tournaments each month honestly starts to feel like a chore for the host. Remember, the gimmicks are a break/alternative to regular tournaments for the hosts too and are also a chance to show some creativity. If WND/SNH/FNF come back that's great, but they're quite draining to host. Getting enough people together on roughly the same day each month is tough as well. The only tournament that has been consistently done for over a year(mostly) is TT, which I'm so grateful for.   Edit: Just realised it turns two soon! Thanks to everyone continuing to host that event among all the other events that are hosted each month.
  4. PokeMMO is allowed through the osx firewall right?
  5. Yes. Your user account is messed up.   Just to test create a new administrator account and try downloading and running the game from desktop.
  6. Emu halp

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    2. Emlee


      I've put some pancakes in the mail, 6-8 weeks for delivery. If you're not sober by then then I don't think they will help much

    3. Strych


      thank you wonderful emu

    4. Strych


      I hope they wont get soggy on the trip

  7. Where is your PokeMMO.exe?
  8. Which site are you linking the pictures from? Try a different image extension?
  9. Post some screenshots of your game folder.   Edit:      This has everything to do with it. Your user profile is the problem.
  10. How many images are you trying to post?
  11. The people will find out sooner or later

  12. I want the full package fake Danno. Duckie promised them to us over a year ago. Nevr4get
  13. Bouncy Bouncy smack smack your boobs give me a heart attack.

  14. You are now the top ranking babbin. Xela be damned. *Salute*

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    2. Strych


      No worries. cheers

    3. Musica


      oh ok thank, cheers.

    4. Strych


      oh that's no problem at all, cheers.