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  1. calm 2x31 (hp and spdef) and 3x30 (def, spA, and speed) same rates as the genderless you put there? also impish forretress/pineco 2x31 (hp and spdef) and 3x30 (spdef, attk, and speed) is another one i want to order
  2. Team Tag: [BSDO] Team Name: Bushido Registered Players: Spxter, NguyenDuy, OxORefaked, ItsGray, iMarco, RedxJunvil, PedrolindoUnico, Kloneman, WhiteRoar, iinnoo, NicRock, YeetusKun, ZzZerra, Clayclover, xSpunk Team Captain: Spxter
  3. I kinda feel you bud. I go at about 4-6 hours daily using my main and alt accounts feeling drained, just to earn around 1m-1.5m daily. But it aint good money unless u sweat for it.
  4. thank you for this, Im usually late in time here so I had to send it on 7:59:59 :( last time I did the same and got it right, I really need to get this fixed
  5. Can I ask why BSDO didn't make a legit sign up? We posted at the right time and went before most teams. How is that not legit? Sorry for the objections, but I had to wake up until 4:00 AM my time to do this sign up.
  6. Team Tag: [BSDO] Team Name: Bushido Registered Players: Spxter, Bartekdolar, NguyenDuy, lmgtrnghia, OxORefaked, ItsGray, iMarco, RedxJunvil, PedrolindoUnico, Maskerada, BillionTH, Kloneman, WhiteRoar, iinnoo, NicRock, Braulioman, Borrowskus, Michielleus, MeetMew, YeetusKun Team Captain: Spxter
  7. iMarco


    for one red reaper hood?
  8. Then what do u expect us to do? Be silent while they official kill a tier we love?
  9. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: [BSDO] Registered Players: Spxter, Imtrhngia, NgyuyenDuy, OxOReFakeD, TohnR, ZzZerra, WhiteRoar, Kansellier, Aristofou, Maskerada, YeetusKun, BartekDolar, Kloneman, PedroLindoUnico Team Captain: Spxter
  10. I don't know how the system works tbh. But me and a group of friends, wanting to get some good points in UU ranked, tried to queue simultaneously, but we weren't able to fight each other. We waited an hour for a single game but nothing. I know this is off topic though, just wanna point out that this happens. Plus, i also think it's because of the vanity rewards for this season.
  11. i knew topnotch breeders would agee xD
  12. Re: Ability Search To make it more convenient for people who want to find a mon with the ability they wish for (e.g. frisk shuppet, drought torkoal, etc), I believe a feature like this is very much needed in gtl advanced search. Re: Move Search The option to search for a mon with a certain move would make it more convenient especially for breeders who are looking for the mon with a right egg move. This way, everything will be more convenient. I'd like to hear some thoughts on this, thank you! :D
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