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  2. (sorry we're late) Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: [BSDO] Registered Players: NguyenDuy,Spxter, RareBush,PedroLindoUnico,MeetMew, BartekDolar, lmtrnghia, Amoncute, iMarco, Palkupz Team Captain: Nguyenduy
  3. Kuddos to the Pokemmo Staff for listening to most our concerns and frustrations concerning the "GTL Scam" issue. For giving chances to unknowing violators, for soon amending some provisions in the Code of Conduct, and for soon making GTL a more conducive and safe place for trade. I hope to see these improvements in the near future in order to have a better GTL. I, and along most of the community, will be looking forward to such.
  4. Oh I know. Been a victim as well waaay in the past too. Just wanted to reemphasize this to put the shade.
  5. Of course if you look at it this ideally, there's nothing wrong with mods regulating abuse in the market. However, what I noticed is that they banned players for doing something "wrong" in their standards without clearly defining what this "wrong" thing is in the first place. You can't just penalize someone for a crime without that crime being clearly defined in tbe Code of Conduct. Otherwise, they can create any type of violation and penalize players as they please. As the criminal law maxim goes, "Nullum Crimen Sine Lege". There is no crime if there is no law clearly defining this crime.
  6. Both, I believe, are of malicious because both are still fraudulent acts because they wait for a buyer's mistake. However, I still don't understand how it's the seller's fault if the buyer isn't careful. Everything boils down to the buyer's keen senses and judgment. If the buyer is just careful on what he/she buys, then there wouldn't be any of this GTL scam problem in the first place. Isn't this what gtl sniping is all about? You win some. You lose some. I believe it's a fair game. I'm just shocked how this kind of behavior came without warning. Nothing in the Code of Conduct says anything about "GTL Scamming" . It wasn't thoroughly explained and defined in the said statute. Now we have a plenty of players who are permanently banned because they didn't know that what they were doing was in fact sanctioned for a permanent ban. This part makes no sense to me.
  7. Now this would make total sense. I gotta say, that's a very sneaky way to do RMT. But shouldn't they just put "RMT" or "GTL RMT"?
  8. So hello there! The reason why I'm asking this very controversial question is because I've seen this photo circulating around social media networks (e.g. Discord and Facebook.) Now I'm quite intrigue as to what constitutes GTL Scam and what players should NOT do in order to avoid performing this recently (at least to my knowledge) surfacing violation. First of all, I'd like to commend on this provision in the Code of Conduct: It is a clear provision that "Scamming" in general is not allowed. That, for sure, is very justifiable because players who are older in the game can easily exploit newer players by lying about the value. THIS type of scamming is a clear violation of the Code of Conduct. However, in a platform like the Global Trade Link where there is no form of communication between buyer and seller, I find myself a skeptic as to how the mechanics are run in this kind of scamming. A clear definition of "GTL Scamming" is what I am asking for, if that is okay for the mods to define. I have asked other players in the game and I find their explanations insufficient because, first of all, the mechanics in a trading platform like GTL erases all means for a player to scam (at least to my view). There should be nothing wrong when a seller enlists an item in GTL according to how he/she/they values/value such item. That's simply business. Isn't it the buyer's fault if he/she/they purchase(s) an item that either below or above the standard pricing? If a buyer buys an item in a rush and not fully check if it is the specific item and specific pricing they were looking for, isn't that their fault? In my opinion, if we do not allow this kind of activity, that ruins the essence of GTL trade where we can enlist anything according to how we want. So again, I hope that a full and clear definition and an enumeration of instances can be defined in order for us to avoid what should be avoided in this game so we could rest in assurance that what we do is legal, safe, and fair. I'll keep an open mind. Thank you very much!
  9. It can be if it's a close friend or teammate. It won't hurt anyone if we would know the grounds for their ban.
  10. Thanks so much for this and for your efforts in making this place a safe, fair, and enjoyable community for us players. I understand how complicated this task is and would trust on your judgment on these certain matters. It is also understandable that keeping your system of operation in collecting evidence undisclosed is top priority. However, perhaps you can atleast make a list enumerating certain instances without revealing the way you operate. If that will be publicized and explained thoroughly, atleast it would keep all forms of doubt off our shoulders when people we know get banned. I understand that this can be a lot of work and effort on your part though and I understand the hassle. I just wanted to raise this concern. Thank you!
  11. With all due respect to our hardworking mods here, I'd also like to question on the reason as to why specifics on the reason for ban cannot be exposed publicly for atleast we would be at peace to know that the banned person really did something illegal or not. It would be more just on both sides if this may be possible. @Bearminator
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