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  1. My score was 7500/10000, all my 1 month effort wasted? I was going to achieve 10,000. They should have to said it was 2 months and not 3 months. I dont think im the only one who has run out of reward. I could achieve the 2500 remaining.
  2. 28 July - 28 August First month 28 August- 28 September Second month 28 September- 28 October Third month Its very unfair
  3. It is known that the season lasted 3 months which is equivalent to approximately 90 days. Why did they finish it in 2 months if it started on July 28, It should have ended on the 28th of the next month. Quiero saber porque acabaron la temporada en dos meses si del 28 de Julio al 28 de agosto va 1 mes. Del 28 de agosto al 28 de septiembre 2 meses. Lastimosamente me quede en 7500 de 10000 puntos de la cuenta de mi novia. Para ustedes Julio 28 al 31 es 1 mes? (30 dias) Si bien claro dice que dura 3 meses y seguramente le paso a mucha gente que se quedo sin recompensa. Todo mi esfuerzo fue a la basura.
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