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  1. Hi everyone, an old player here :) That's right, I'm playing again. Wondering if who's still up to now? I mean those old players who's still playing. I see that my friend Caleb is out now. He was a former staff, and I still see Darkshade up to now. Wow PokeMMO has grown so much. See you in-game :) #BoyPickUp #SouthShaker
  2. How about if the battle can be optioned wether what lvl of flat battles they can be ? Like 5 25 50 70 100
  3. Sammier is the best sig maker! Gonna put my new sigs tmr :D

  4. Grats Noad :) Late greetings from me :> typhoon made me lose electricity and internet for fkin 3days
  5. Playing 2-3 accnts in the same time o.O [spoiler] forever alone [spoiler] inb4 2 diff broswers/incognito :) [spoiler] lels jk [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  6. Thank you very much for the awesome sig :)

  7. Welcome here broo :3 have fun :D
  8. Movie Shit ... Waiting for update :)

  9. Is it me or it's just you?

  10. What happened to you ?

  11. +1 This does not supports pro-comp players 100% but it is good as well those new ppl who just started playing pokemon games in their lives. More functions, more interesting ..
  12. Breed and breed until you succeed :>

  13. OMG that PANDA thing again :))
  14. Waiting for Yumi's Sig :D

  15. Everyday is a new day for everything :)\

  16. Happy 420 Day :)


  18. Christmas Spirit is

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