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  1. Hi everyone, an old player here :) That's right, I'm playing again. Wondering if who's still up to now? I mean those old players who's still playing. I see that my friend Caleb is out now. He was a former staff, and I still see Darkshade up to now. Wow PokeMMO has grown so much. See you in-game :) #BoyPickUp #SouthShaker

  3. Hi man. Sorry i was without pc for like 1 month and then just stopped playing once again. I logged in those days and heard you quitted :( Yoyu helped me so much and i wanted to say i'm very grateful if you ever come back tell me

  4. How about if the battle can be optioned wether what lvl of flat battles they can be ? Like 5 25 50 70 100
  5. Sammier is the best sig maker! Gonna put my new sigs tmr :D

  6. Playing 2-3 accnts in the same time o.O [spoiler] forever alone [spoiler] inb4 2 diff broswers/incognito :) [spoiler] lels jk [/spoiler][/spoiler][/spoiler]
  7. Thank you very much for the awesome sig :)

  8. Welcome here broo :3 have fun :D
  9. Movie Shit ... Waiting for update :)

  10. Is it me or it's just you?

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