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  1. Ploegy+Starlite is what causes madness in this world
  2. Where do i find the video? Im just gonna youtube "red wings"
  3. That guy doesn't really go with the text...
  4. I had a good day today,your all awesome #GoGay4Elkaroo
  5. I had a good day today,your all awesome #GoGay4Elkaroo
  6. I also has the idea of team activities,every officer can host a different one every day of the week since not all officers are active
  7. I have a pic with leafeon and flareon I wanted to show
  8. [color=#00ff00]How do I post a pic[/color]
  9. haha I <4 you and btw who likes my Leafeon?
  10. When do we vote for things?we have no agreements. I want a lollipop.what?
  11. Tell me if you think you know how to fix it
  12. Elk, I can not play anymore, I tried re-downloading the whole thing but it simply will not open. I have the roms fire red and Hg unzipped.
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