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  1. I'm going to go back to every post that's 2+ years old and make a positive contributing post there just to get to you lol
  2. So what are all the items that can be dug up in game from mounds in caves like twist mountain for example? There are no fossils anywhere in game in any of these mounds outside of the underground? As for the fossil, I honestly can't recall, I know it was either Sinnoh or Unova, but if your saying that wasn't available outside the underground in Sinnoh, then it must have been Unova. I can't recall exactly where I found it, but I'm pretty sure I found it in one of the caves on a rock or in a corner. I don't even remember what it was, I sold it right away.
  3. Here's some good ones: 1. Forever Knight 2. Buffy/Angel (these two intertwine, I can provide a guideline on the best order to watch them due to intertwining) 3. Being Human 4. Merlin 5. Camelot 6. Game of Thrones 7. Bitten 8. Big Wolf on Campus 9. Teen Wolf 10. True Blood 11. Vampire Diaries 12. Spartacus
  4. MysticMew

    Pokemon Movie

    I saw Detective Pikachu in theaters and got the rare collectable card! I'm not sure why they are re-doing Mewtwo Strikes back though. I'm not too thrilled about that remake; I think the original is pretty good, and I prefer the cartoon art over the newer digitalization cartoons they're now doing. Also something interesting is, you can tell from Detective Pikachu, that it's technically a sequel to Mewtwo Returns, which I though was pretty cool. Not sure if anyone else noticed that in the movie?
  5. Yes! 1. Doom 1 and 2 for shooters 2. Assassin Creed games And my all-time favourite PC Platform Franchise: The Elder Scrolls. Elder Scrolls Arena is now free to download from the Bethesda website, as are some others. My all-time favourite is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Oblivion is much better on PC than on homebased console due to the increase of control-ability that you can't get on the controller, as well as being able to enter cheats, like "God-Mode", after becoming a vampire so you don't die in the sunlight!
  6. Split Prophets - Bristol is Like
  7. Anchored (Featuring Snoop Dogg) - Throwin' Down
  8. I know that applies to Kanto and Unova, but does this also apply to the Hoenn storyline fossils since they aren't gifts? As for 3, there are fossils as hidden items, I just found one 3 weeks ago, and dig spots also not in the underground where you can get fossils if they haven't removed that feature. I'm guessing this is where all the fossils on the trade come from, and I didn't know about Geodude having fossils until today lol. I'm just not positive about the Hoenn storyline fossils because I can't remember lol it's been too long since I've messed with that in-game.
  9. I think the PokeMMO team does a pretty good job with locking threads, sometimes too good of job before the conversation is concluded. I don't think that's a problem on this particular forum website. As for those that are not locked by the PokeMMO team and are old, I'm sure suggesting to them to lock it if it is no longer relevant, but I don't agree that it should be done simply because it's an old thread. I don't agree with your recommendation here.
  10. I also have a similar question. I've noticed you can't trade storyline fossils that were given to you: 1. Are you able to trade them once resurrected? 2. Are you able to trade the Hoenn storyline fossils since they technically weren't a gift? Just so I have a better picture on the technicality of what is and isn't tradeable here, thanks.
  11. 1. You can usually find the other fossil of each Region on the trade system, as well as the resurrected Pokemon of that fossil. 2. You can also start a new character and get the other fossil per Region and mail it to your other character via the mail system if it's not "untradeable" or after it's resurrected and it's not "untradeable". 3. Some fossils can be obtained in some areas in the same fashion as hidden items. I found a fossil once as a hidden item. Also digging in some mounds have fossils if PokeMMO hasn't removed them. The first option is a for-sure way to get the other fossil in each Region, and I've never had any problem trading most fossils/resurrected or sending most fossils/resurrected by mail. The first option is the easiest and most for-sure way to go, because some fossils can't be traded I've noticed.
  12. I'd like to request a feature be added to the PokeMMO forums. Most forum websites allow you to subscribe or follow a particular thread to get alerts of new posts in that thread, and I don't see that option available here in the forums. I think it would be a good feature to add, instead of individually looking through each thread of interest constantly to see new posts.
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