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  1. Ok , thank you so much cause i was really confused on this thing . I'm going to enjoy this beautiful game!! Much love.
  2. I'm begginer , i'm in the musical teathre right now , and it seems like this place have some important in the game , this places don't have some importance in the game result? (Sorry for my english , i'm spanish) Big thanks!
  3. I need to know why some npcs are not implemented , they don't have no function? Cause most of it are in places of interest (like teathre , shops...) Thanks so much!!
  4. Why when i talk to some npc they say me its not implemented???? THANKS!
  5. Porque hay un monton de zonas de todo tipo en las que hay NPCS con los que interactúas y pone función no implementada??Tengo todas las roms del juego instaladas......Ayuda!!!
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