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  1. Team Name: God Only Knows Team Tag: GOK Registered Players: Morrizbel, EntrenadoraRoja, ManoelAdille, SkatersJCS, GokRichi, AlejoGS, JorgeBale, EnrriqueX, BethoRP, XxElMandingaxX, AsrielDremuer, EmmaCACHJ, Willtrex, xNade, dormite, Tetto, Rollermine Team Captain: MorrizBel
  2. Team Name: GODONLYKNOWS Team Tag: GOK Registered Players: Morrizbel, EnrriqueX, SkatersJCS, Kriger,Killua, EmmaCACHJ, cjmystogan, RicardoMFL, JorgeBale, EntrenadoraRoja, BethoRP, XxElMandingaxX, lFoxitol, diegocorrea, Rollermine Team Captain: MorrizBel
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