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  1. Hey, I proved your mod and I love it, but I find a little bug. When you try to catch a pokemon the pokeball could fall under the ground. I dunno if that depends on what pokemon you're capturing or where you're doing it. I hope you fix it :) This is a video I made for you. There's the bug:
  2. Yeah, I know. I saw others post about this, but let me enjoy it.
  3. I just feel important right now. Thanks, staff.
  4. We need an update with the Crown Tundra icons and sprites. Where are you @JaredNattyDaddyTKL?
  5. I see. Well, nevermind. If they can't I can't ask for it. Thank you.
  6. I mean only the abilities. Its not neccesary add the whole region. I think this would be fun. PD: You comment every single post in this forum? In every single one i made you're there
  7. I'm talking about Competitive, Slush Rush and Neutralizing Gas. This abilities are not hidden and I think it shouldn't be a problem to add them. They are based in other abilities.
  8. Ok, I get it now, but I'm still thinking that would be cool. I may add a suggestion.
  9. This ability is not OP and is not a hidden ability. So, WHY? Hail is the worst weather and this could help a lot.
  10. It would be easy. In the information section of the Pokemon Summary would be a button called "Change Poké Ball". If you push it there would be a message that says: "Which Poké Ball you want Charmander (for example) to be in?" with a menu like the Poké Ball section of the bag with all the Poké Balls you have. When you choose one (for example a Great Ball) there would be another message that says: "Charmander is now in a Great Ball". And that's it.
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