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  1. Hey Yoggi, I am available in weekend, at any hour in saturday and from 8am to 10pm in Sunday. Lemme know which hour suits you best :)

    1. 0Yggdrasil0


      Hi, saturday afternoon works for me, just whisper me anytime that day :)

  2. If you don't pronounce "bad" as "bed" and "Aerun" as "scrub " you are doing something wrong
  3.   So now I can get more money but still can't buy shit because stores are still bugged. Makes sense.
  4. Ok so Darkshade just insulted my Heracross  :angry:  well your Latios is trash too kid  
  5.   Maybe       Go to Slateport surfing from Dewford, take a pokemon with dive
  6. Is not just noobs, NPCs say the darndest things too  
  7.   Then explain this     Hoenn girls are clearly crazy about my cool glasses
  8. I knew my monobrow was sexy, now girls can't stop hitting on me  
  9. Almost there, gratz guys, 100 pages of quality content and hues.
  10. Morty, I found your kitten playing PokeMMO. And he is pretty bad.    
  11. I'm too lazy to play that storyline, specially since i got a naive Mudkip.   EDIT: My page, my rules, I want nudes on this one
  12. ♥ Archi ♥  why are you never online when I get on?
  13.   Go get me a good male shiny bug, there must be some cheap parasects or something.
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