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  1. The point I'm making is the entirety of a match is not left to chance when you have at least one chance to nullify the item or the Pokemon in some way. When it comes to moves that possibly leave status infliction, you have paralysis (electric), freezing (ice), burn (fire), poisoning (poison), etc, etc.. The probability of dealing with the amount of variety of status inflicting moves is less than nullifying your opponent or it's held item in battle, because there is more of a potentiality of having the right Pokemon type or the right held held item for a specific status infliction. That's why the probability ratio to deal with status inflicting moves is less than dealing with quick claw spammers.
  2. Well, your entire reply was inrooted in the scenario that quickclaw would allow the opponent to go first. Since it does not always take effect, it leaves you the chance to nullify your opponent, and/or it's item with certain moves. So the match is not left to chance at all. Now, let's say hypothetically that the devs made quickclaw make the holder go first Everytime, then that would solve not only your complaint here, but everyone else's, because of the ideaology that was used for the argument to ban quickclaw, because then quickclaw could be countered with quickclaw, forcing users of two quickclaws to rely on their speed stat. I see your point, but I don't agree with it. It takes away from Pokemon. And yes, there are ways to nullify status inflicting moves, but I would say there arent any more ways to do that than there are to nullify "quickclaw spammers", in fact I'd say mathematically there are less, due to the variety of status inflicting moves. So you have a better chance mathematically on taking care of quick claw spammers, than you do status inflicting moves due to variety. So your reply in that aspect really doesn't debunk my heart ideaology in regards to "if you want quickclaw banned, then so should all moves that possibly leave a status infliction. So I stand by my disagreement due to this.
  3. Okay, so you addressed bright powder, and it's true I haven't read the PvP rules, but this reply here doesn't undermine the logic I posed debunking the thesis posed by OP in my reply to ericrasp. So I now ask you this: how does your reply here provide a foundation to debunk mine, considering I also made mention of flinching moves and moves that possibly leave an infliction? I suppose you're not going to address that huh? The same reason your not going to address that, is the same reason why quickclaw shouldn't be banned.
  4. Yeah it's annoying, but your not going to get flinched everytime, and when it comes to quickclaw being randomized, it's actually an advantage for the one facing the opponent using quickclaw, because it's not always making the Pokemon go first. If the logic behind banning quickclaw is because it's randomized, then why don't we ban bright powder, why don't we ban flinching moves, why don't we ban all moves that may possibly leave a status inflictions. Randomization is a part of Pokemon, and it makes no logical sense to use randomization as a basis for an argument to ban quickclaw. Where chance and randomization is prevalent, skill and strategy can be used to level the playing field.
  5. Then read my first message if your bothered by others using it. You need to beef up your gameplay. Like I said, there are items you can use with your own Pokemon that can give you a better advantage against quickclaw users, and there are also certain moves you can teach your Pokemon to remove items. There's no reason to ban quickclaw when you should be beefing up your competitive play.
  6. Then perhaps don't use the item, instead of griping about it to the devs without a logical foundation for the change? The user has the ability to fix that concern without bothering the devs and forcing everyone else the inability to use it if they so choose.
  7. Simply put there's no reasoning behind removing quick claw, unless it always allowed the user to move first. When someone says "ban quickclaw" and there's no logic behind it, ones going to assume it's due to its traditional function, which is why I explained that. He's griping about quickclaw for no reason whether the item always allows the mover to go first or only sometimes does. You can't just go complaining to the devs for changes because you don't like something, you have to have an actual reason. And here there is no reason for them to be banned. That's the bottom line and the point I was conveying.
  8. Okay, thank you Rache. Hopefully no one's been spending hours and hours trying to get a random encounter :)
  9. In PokeMMO, can you use the White Flute for 50% increase in Pokemon encounters, or is it just an item to be sold? If you can use it Ingame, are you only able to use it in Kanto and Hoenn, or can it be used in any Region?
  10. Does anyone know if PokeMMO has kept this feature for Suicune, Entai, and Raiku in Kanto and Latios and Latias in Hoenn? And if so, how can we tell who currently has that legendary so we can battle them?
  11. Yeah, but the problem at the end with this is the Elite 4s in regards to the 8th gym badge for that regions elite 4. So if you do do it the way I am, we have to make sure we don't go over the cap in another region when getting our 8th gym badge so we we can use them for that elite 4, otherwise you'll want a different set of Pokemon that aren't over the level cap so you can use them for the elite 4. So just be careful when doing this.
  12. I strongly disagree with your suggestion. 1. Quick claw does not always allow the player to go first in PokeMMO. I don't know if this is just a PoleMMO thing or a newer generations modification, but it does not always let a Pokemon move first in-game. 2. Your comment about King's Rock I disagree with. If PokeMMO is anything like actual Pokemon, then King's Rock is needed to obtain certain Pokemon such as a Slowking for example for a trade-evolution. I don't know if PokeMMO has changed that feature in-game, I don't see why they would have, do I can only assume it's essential. 3. Even if quicklaw did always allow an opponents Pokemon to move first, it would hold no real bearing on a real Pokemon player. You need to keep in mind that other held items you can use for yourself will have a bearing on your battle against someone using quickclaw, also keep in mind certain movesets that you can use to highten your advantage over opponents use of items, and moves. Simply put, I think you should bulk-up your play a little bit to be more competitive against those who are using quickclaw.
  13. It really doesn't matter. But each gym in each Region is set slightly different and will keep your Pokemon from leveling up. So if your trying to level up a whole bunch of different Pokemon outside say a set of six, it won't matter how you do it. In my particular instance, I'm focusing on raising only 6-8 Pokemon through PokeMMO, so I've had to do it this way for my interests: Once I got 4 gym badges in Kanto I found out about PokeMMO having different level caps per gym in each Region. So the first 4 badges in any given Region won't matter much, because you'll have to get 4 total before you can use the ship to travel to a different Region to do it the way I am: But when you get to having access to the ship in each Region if your only focussing on leveling up one party-full gyms will matter, so I'm doing it like this: 1. Unova Gym 5 (allows lv 38 after) 2. Hoenn Gym 5 (allows lv 38 after) 3. Sinnoh Gym 5 (allows lv 42 after) 4. Unova Gym 6 (allows lv 42 after) 5. Hoenn Gym 6 (allows lv. 44 after) 6. Sinnoh Gym 6 (allows lv. 45 after) 7. Unova Gym 7 (allows lv 45 after) 8. Kanto Gym 5 (allows lv. 47 after) 9. Hoenn Gym 7 (allows lv 47 after) 10. Kanto Gym 6 (allows lv. 50 after) 11. Sinnoh Gym 7 (allows lv 50 after) 12. Kanto Gym 7 (allows lv. 55 after) 13. Unova Gym 8 (allows lv. 56 after) 14. Hoenn Gym 8 (allows lv 58 after) 15. Sinnoh Gym 8 (allows lv 60 after) 16. Kanto Gym 8 (allows lv 62 after) 17. Unova Elite 4 18. Hoenn Elite 4 19. Sinnoh Elite 4 20. Kanto Elite 4 Again, it really doesn't matter, but I chose those order for myself based on the fact I'm only raising 8-10 Pokemon to level 100. So this process allows me to keep my usual party Pokemon through the entirety of PokeMMO, without having to do without them and letting me keep them in my whole journey.
  14. That's a very point, and I can totally see the devs frowning down upon going through the trouble to do that. I also see where you're coming from with the aim to focus on just in-game functions. However, I think my idea here was more focused on the entirety of Pokemon playing in general World Wide. There are several Pokemon MMO games out there, PokeMMO being one of them, albeit probably the best one, and of course legal, but when you have almost a dozen different Pokemon MMOs, and the actual Pokemon franchise, Pokemon players become very divided from other players in that they are split between several different games. That's why I think PokeMMO should consider this feature, to help bring a more socially inclusive environment in general for the entirety of Pokemon, to help alleviate division between games.
  15. I was curious to know if PokeMMO had any plans to implement the ability to access the Wifi Battle Systems for the Sinnoh/Johto and Unova Region battle servers to owners of a real game on a DS over the fan-based re-creation of the "Nintendo Wifi connection"? Facts to note in regards to this question/recommendation: 1. While the Nintendo Wifi connection was disabled by Nintendo, it was re-created by a 3rd party re-creating the use of the ability to utilize the function provided the settings are set properly. PokeMMO could easily allow access to this for players for cross Compatability for battles with users of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, SoulSilver and the other battle server for Unova (Black and White 1 & 2), which runs on a separate server, allowing those on PokeMMO to battle with players who have a real version of a Pokemon game. 2. Please note that this question/suggestion is ONLY for the battle feature via WiFi to those with an actual game on a DS on the fan-based re-created "Nintendo Wifi connection", and does not apply to the trade system over WiFi to owners of a game. The reason for not suggesting trade with real games is due to the Official Pokemon Championships vetting process for eligibility, when evaluating a game for "corrupted or out of place data" so not to be disqualified for entry if having an illigitimate traded Pokemon.
  16. Perhaps they find it fun to breed? Perhaps it's easier for them? Perhaps it's an easy way to get high stats of Pokemon when raising them? The concept of IVs never played any role in Pokemon in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald including if you traded between FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum, XD Gale of Darkness, also in Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, Heartgold and SoulSilver. The concept of leveling up and max stating Pokemon has always been possible in these games when IVs didn't exist as an option when breeding, and considering you can transfer max stat pokemon from these games up to the newer generations, it's safe to say that the IV feature that's been thrown into Pokemon does not change the total max stat per Pokemon or per stat category per Pokemon; it only serve as a means to have a higher state allottage per particular stat. So when breeding, it's still important if you want one stat or a couple stat categories to be higher than others, but those IVs are going to hit the stat cap per stat per Pokemon when leveling them up depending on their IV per stat. But it plays no role on the total stat cap per Pokemon, only by stat differences of a Pokemon during leveling it up; it's also an alternative to items increasing the base stat of a Pokemon. It's a matter of choice, but it's not pointless. It's a unique creation.
  17. I'm well aware of how stats work miss Rache, I've been strongly playing Pokemon for 20 years since it first came out. Each Pokemon and each form of each Pokemon has a maximum stat cap per stat category. Breeding is not the only way to max a Pokemon out to it's max stats. That's all I'm saying. Every Pokemon has a different stat cap per stat category, IVs do not determine or alter a stat cap of Pokemon. A stat cap is the maximum allotted stat number per stat of a given Pokemon. Their are varrious ways to raise stats, but the fundamental stat cap per stat per given Pokemon is unchangeable, although it may vary from one Pokemon to another. Take two Pokemon of the exact same kind, say Pikachu for example, both Pikachu's have a stat cap that are identicle. One Pikachu's evolved from a Pichu that was breed with max IVs, while the other Pikachu was obtained in the wild and maxed out with items to raise the base stats, both Pikachu's will each reach a maximum total stat cap upon leveling up, and that total maximum stat cap is identicle between the same Pokemon. IVs do not raise a Pokemons total stat cap. Each pokeman can be maxed out by different methods, not just by breeding. You're talking about stat differences per category, I'm talking about total stat caps per Pokemon. In your picture, those stats are different due to the IVs re-allocating a portion of the total allotted stats per total stat cap per Pokemon.
  18. I replied back earlier requesting you forward a suggestion of allowing the option of changing a Pokemon's ball to make better use of Premier balls in PokeMMO. However, I didn't want to leave any loose ends open with your reply regarding breeding stats and IVs. When I had stated there is more than one way to get better stats, and you replied in regards to the IVs in breeding, it must be remembered that each Pokemon and each level of evolution of each Pokemon have a stat cap. IVs only determine the allocation and value increase per stat category. You can have a Pokemon with poor IVs and still max it's stats out with items. IVs do not increase a Pokemon's stat cap, IVs only determine which stat gets more gains, and how many gains per stat category. In fact it might even be cheaper doing it by items alone compared to breeding. But if PokeMMO is not interested in this recommendation, albeit without reason, at least allow the option to switch Pokemon into another ball, such as Premier ball, so they aren't completely pointless in PokeMMO.
  19. Well then at least send a recommendation to the devs for me of introducing a feature to allow players to change the kind of Pokeball for a Pokemon then, if someone wants one of their Pokemon to be in a Premier ball later.
  20. Hi, I'm just curious about some Multi-Player Features: 1. Hideouts in Hoenn? Is their any plans for utilizing the multiplayer feature inside other players' hideouts they've made with Secret Power? 2. Does anyone know if the Underground is MMO accessible in Sinnoh? 3. What's going on with the train station in Unova? 4. (Very important) Pokemon Contests in Hoenn; are there plans to jointly blend berries or do group live contests with other players? (Not addressing Sinnoh Contests here as the devs are still getting that ready, will address after if not accessable) 5. The Game Corners' game tables...will they be available for group play? Stuff like this, that was available as a multiplayer element, isn't PokeMMO doing anything for these things?
  21. Yeah, that's been bugging me too. Although Sethsen is correct, I agree with you snowyyy. I'm sure they're going to get to Sinnoh Contests at some point, but in the meantime we should get our ribbons from Hoenn, and hopefully it's not too long after they'll have the Sinnoh Contests going for us to get those Ribbons.
  22. That's an opinion your voicing though. One I would beg to differ with. Here's why: 1. A vast majority of breeders use a Ditto as one parent, and when it comes to catching Ditto you can either do so when their levels are low but uncommon in certain areas, or do so when they are higher levels and common in other areas. In short, the vast majority of breeders are using great balls and ultra balls for getting Ditto to breed a Pokemon. 2. A standard Pokeball for getting a new breeded baby from the Daycare does have its cheap advantage, that's true, however this is perhaps the only acception. However it is pretty diminished as an excuse due to most of us getting baby Pokemon over the trade system earlier in game or when we come to a point we only meet the evolved form aivailable in our point of progress in game, encouraging us to not catch it and instead buy the baby form over trade. In short most of us are getting breeded baby's over trade instead of breeding them ourselves, and those breed Pokemon come from other players who are much further along in game to afford the costs of breeding items to make a good sale of Pokemon over trade. They're not going to use a Premier ball for a baby they are going to sell to someone else, when they can use a Pokeball, especially considering how much money longer term players have who are much further along selling breeded Pokemon. This means that most Pokemon obtained, if not almost all, will not be placed in a Premier ball both for personal use (as most come from trade), as well as for sale over trade from long-time-players. 3. When it comes to breeding Pokemon, their is more than one way to get stat increases for your Pokemon, than through breeding methods. As such, for these reasons, I cannot see how the breeding feature is an exception in regards to the prevention of purchasing Premier balls with every 10 Pokeballs for an MMO like this. Although that was a good try, and I agree your point does have a slight bearing, but the fraction of players of use of Premier Balls for breeding falls into less than 1/32 of all players. Which is just more reason to have this suggestion considered. As for the the matter of Premier balls being to commemorate an event; it doesn't have to be removed as a gift item for holiday events necessarily, just put them back in the marts so the actually have some use in the game.
  23. 1. Actually it does for pokemarts,; perhaps you meant that theirs no point having them at all period, which would better fit your argument. 2. No one ever said anything about giving out necessary tools for free. 3. If you paid attention to the conversation here and what's already been said, you'd see that I addressed the the concern of balls with higher catch rates being removed from stores and replacing the Premier balls as prizes for events. Also to note the fact that having a Masterball as a prize for greater in-game events actually makes pretty good sense, considering the fact you only get 1 Masterball per Region in-game, and their are at least 32 high level legendaries available to catch in PokeMMO currently with only 4 Masterballs, and no option to save the game if you run out of say 60 ultra balls during battle or lose all 6 of your Pokemon forever losing the chance to catch one or more of those 32+ high level legendaries. Giving a Masterball out for an annual tournament or once a year at Christmas time, would take more than two decades per player to actually fit your logic for argument, therefore your view on that precise concern is irrelevant. 4. Most players catch Pokemon along their journey to the end, in most cases filling their Pokedex up with most, if not all low-level Pokemon by the time they near the end of the game or in the instance of PokeMMO lv 50 for events to get Premier balls. Almost all players are not going to go back to an area with Pokemon who's levels are week enough to catch with a Pokeball, cause we already caught them by this time, depleting the purpose of having standard Pokeballs this late in the game (including Premier balls). Having Pokemon with moves to inflict statuses to increase catch rates on higher lv. and def. stat pokemon does allow you to use standard Pokeballs and Premier balls provided a great ball or a specialized ball isn't needed, but it's completely pointless for the vast majority of players cause we've already caught them on our journeys, and your not going to use status inflictions and standard Pokeballs or Premier balls on lv. 35, 40, 45 Pokemon later in the game when you have a stack of great balls or specialized ball cause your be wasting a heck of a lot of Pokeballs, and worse Premier balls that PokeMMO has made so rare to obtain. It makes no sense whatsoever. 5. I understand this is an mmo, and I agree with you on not getting everything you want the way you want it, however I think you're missing the point here. I was expressing a more logical sensible process of tool usage for chronological application. While it is a want in a way, their is also logic behind making a slight modification to put Premier balls back in Mart's and replace them for event prizes with balls with higher catch rates or higher catch rates for certain situations. As it sits right now, those who don't qualify for entry into events to get prizes such as Premier balls, are stacked with great balls, ultra balls, and half a dozen different specialized balls like diveballs, timer balls, quick balls, net balls, nest balls, dusk balls, etc, etc and we have already caught all we can with standard Pokeballs in-game. When our Pokemon get to lv. 50 to enter contests and finally win a Premier ball, what the heck are we going to use it on? Oh, I know, I'll post it on the trade for $999999 like everyone else, never making a sale. You see what I'm saying? They have no use in PokeMMO because the way they are doing it, that's why they need to go back into the Pokemarts for every 10 Pokeballs, or heck every 20 Pokeballs even, and replace event prizes for higher or specialized catch rate balls, so Premier Balls actually have a fundamental use in PokeMMO.
  24. You are entitled to your opinion as I am mine. However, I've noticed you're being very single-minded in your views on the matter: 1. It is not solely for the look to yearn for a Premier Ball, it is also fundamental fact of wanting it earlier in the game due to its catch rate, hence the reason why it should be available in store, and event prizes replaced with other balls with higher catch rates, considering you can't participate in events until you have LV. 50 Pokemon, and by that time theirs no point in having Pokeballs or Premier balls, cause all the low level pokemon are already obtained. 2. That your take my what I said out of context, when I mentioned that Premier balls are part of the nostalgia, you flipped that around to suit your ideaology, that I was implying that this is the sole-purpose of Pokemon (which isn't the case), but it is a unique, and well liked feature of the Hoenn Region, and thus is part of that nostalgia. Look at other Pokemon MMO games for example, some of them have made so many modifications that it doesn't reflect the values and interests we love that draws us to Pokemon, and I was expressing that by making changes contrary to logical process, and too many of them, will remove and eradicate those core values that attracts us to liking Pokemon.
  25. Thank you. As for Discord, I tried to navigate it once before for other games, and I really didn't know what I was doing. I don't know anything about Discord or how to navigate through that site. I'm sure one day I'll give it another shot, as so many games I play try and get me into Discord.
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