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  1. The point I'm making is the entirety of a match is not left to chance when you have at least one chance to nullify the item or the Pokemon in some way. When it comes to moves that possibly leave status infliction, you have paralysis (electric), freezing (ice), burn (fire), poisoning (poison), etc, etc.. The probability of dealing with the amount of variety of status inflicting moves is less than nullifying your opponent or it's held item in battle, because there is more of a potentiality of having the right Pokemon type or the right held held item for a specific status infliction.
  2. Well, your entire reply was inrooted in the scenario that quickclaw would allow the opponent to go first. Since it does not always take effect, it leaves you the chance to nullify your opponent, and/or it's item with certain moves. So the match is not left to chance at all. Now, let's say hypothetically that the devs made quickclaw make the holder go first Everytime, then that would solve not only your complaint here, but everyone else's, because of the ideaology that was used for the argument to ban quickclaw, because then quickclaw could be countered with quickclaw, forcing users
  3. Okay, so you addressed bright powder, and it's true I haven't read the PvP rules, but this reply here doesn't undermine the logic I posed debunking the thesis posed by OP in my reply to ericrasp. So I now ask you this: how does your reply here provide a foundation to debunk mine, considering I also made mention of flinching moves and moves that possibly leave an infliction? I suppose you're not going to address that huh? The same reason your not going to address that, is the same reason why quickclaw shouldn't be banned.
  4. Yeah it's annoying, but your not going to get flinched everytime, and when it comes to quickclaw being randomized, it's actually an advantage for the one facing the opponent using quickclaw, because it's not always making the Pokemon go first. If the logic behind banning quickclaw is because it's randomized, then why don't we ban bright powder, why don't we ban flinching moves, why don't we ban all moves that may possibly leave a status inflictions. Randomization is a part of Pokemon, and it makes no logical sense to use randomization as a basis for an argument to ban q
  5. Then read my first message if your bothered by others using it. You need to beef up your gameplay. Like I said, there are items you can use with your own Pokemon that can give you a better advantage against quickclaw users, and there are also certain moves you can teach your Pokemon to remove items. There's no reason to ban quickclaw when you should be beefing up your competitive play.
  6. Then perhaps don't use the item, instead of griping about it to the devs without a logical foundation for the change? The user has the ability to fix that concern without bothering the devs and forcing everyone else the inability to use it if they so choose.
  7. Simply put there's no reasoning behind removing quick claw, unless it always allowed the user to move first. When someone says "ban quickclaw" and there's no logic behind it, ones going to assume it's due to its traditional function, which is why I explained that. He's griping about quickclaw for no reason whether the item always allows the mover to go first or only sometimes does. You can't just go complaining to the devs for changes because you don't like something, you have to have an actual reason. And here there is no reason for them to be banned. That's the bottom line and th
  8. Okay, thank you Rache. Hopefully no one's been spending hours and hours trying to get a random encounter :)
  9. In PokeMMO, can you use the White Flute for 50% increase in Pokemon encounters, or is it just an item to be sold? If you can use it Ingame, are you only able to use it in Kanto and Hoenn, or can it be used in any Region?
  10. Does anyone know if PokeMMO has kept this feature for Suicune, Entai, and Raiku in Kanto and Latios and Latias in Hoenn? And if so, how can we tell who currently has that legendary so we can battle them?
  11. Yeah, but the problem at the end with this is the Elite 4s in regards to the 8th gym badge for that regions elite 4. So if you do do it the way I am, we have to make sure we don't go over the cap in another region when getting our 8th gym badge so we we can use them for that elite 4, otherwise you'll want a different set of Pokemon that aren't over the level cap so you can use them for the elite 4. So just be careful when doing this.
  12. I strongly disagree with your suggestion. 1. Quick claw does not always allow the player to go first in PokeMMO. I don't know if this is just a PoleMMO thing or a newer generations modification, but it does not always let a Pokemon move first in-game. 2. Your comment about King's Rock I disagree with. If PokeMMO is anything like actual Pokemon, then King's Rock is needed to obtain certain Pokemon such as a Slowking for example for a trade-evolution. I don't know if PokeMMO has changed that feature in-game, I don't see why they would have, do I can only assume it's essential.
  13. It really doesn't matter. But each gym in each Region is set slightly different and will keep your Pokemon from leveling up. So if your trying to level up a whole bunch of different Pokemon outside say a set of six, it won't matter how you do it. In my particular instance, I'm focusing on raising only 6-8 Pokemon through PokeMMO, so I've had to do it this way for my interests: Once I got 4 gym badges in Kanto I found out about PokeMMO having different level caps per gym in each Region. So the first 4 badges in any given Region won't matter much, because you'll have to get 4 total before y
  14. That's a very point, and I can totally see the devs frowning down upon going through the trouble to do that. I also see where you're coming from with the aim to focus on just in-game functions. However, I think my idea here was more focused on the entirety of Pokemon playing in general World Wide. There are several Pokemon MMO games out there, PokeMMO being one of them, albeit probably the best one, and of course legal, but when you have almost a dozen different Pokemon MMOs, and the actual Pokemon franchise, Pokemon players become very divided from other players in that they are s
  15. I was curious to know if PokeMMO had any plans to implement the ability to access the Wifi Battle Systems for the Sinnoh/Johto and Unova Region battle servers to owners of a real game on a DS over the fan-based re-creation of the "Nintendo Wifi connection"? Facts to note in regards to this question/recommendation: 1. While the Nintendo Wifi connection was disabled by Nintendo, it was re-created by a 3rd party re-creating the use of the ability to utilize the function provided the settings are set properly. PokeMMO could easily allow access to this for players for cross
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