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  1. It's not like I can't endure something I view as flawed. The way I see it the prices are a massive deterrent for players because of the hefty price that increases exponentially. You call me lazy but I've been enduring this system I view immensely flawed. This post is just a suggestion that would benefit a lot of players.
  2. I think that the breeding system has a few flaws involved in the cost of the braces. You can call me lazy for not rematching trainers with amulet coins and using pay day and stuff like that but for me that's not working. For the amount of grinding involved to even catch the Pokemon or just using the shop I don't feel like the gained money or BP is sufficient enough to sustain a the cost of 20k+ for each Pokemon you choose to breed. I think braces would need some form of decreased price or some other ways to obtain them without the need for excessive grinding and money loss.
  3. Kijigo

    Vanity Thread

    I'm not that good at sprite work or art in general but I thought a Pokemon Masters trainer outfit would look cool.
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