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  1. I rarely go online but i'm in Ign: Moohsenseii
  2. Maybe it depends on your connection, my friend only had to wait for like 5 mins. But I will try to find another way, thank you!
  3. Uhh yeah, the link above is sent on the right forums section lol
  4. Thats just how fked up pokemmo is. I gave up fighting for what i believe, i suggest you just move on
  5. FOR DEVS I just wanna voice out, its just that i really cant just keep quiet as a player who spent weeks tryna study how E4 works, the teams, the movesets, items, strats on how to beat E4. Seeing how shedinja was nerfed, it kinda pissed me off tbh lol. Ofc, its not just because my guide and other players' guide are pretty much broken. Its just that shedinja was already nerfed with the Baton Pass before, and its not like the shedinja (postnerf) was a 100% success rate on E4 at all. I understand you did it to prevent players from "abusing" e4 to make money. Guess what? Most players p
  6. It would be pretty good if you could share ^^
  7. Perhaps that was from one of the OG games, which is not part of PokeMMO.
  8. I understand your point, but as of now, the amount of players farming for goodie bags are just too many that its supply is more than the amount of players that is demanding it. You can easily farm goodie bags, and they are not that hard to save up at all. One of the factors why its price has also dropped is because of the competitiveness of each farmer, and the drive to sell it "fast" making it sell lower than the cheapest one in the GTL.
  9. 1. Just make to sure to put the stealth rock, and switch in with Jellicent. No need to be afraid. Chansey taking damage is normal, just make sure she wont die. 2. Yes, I won once in unova but it is not advisable. Same goes to sinnoh and kanto. 3. Garchomp is still usable yes. In fact, you could always switch him out. What's important are the main sweepers. As for staraptor's brave bird, it seems that the elite switches him out when I use my Jellicent. OR you could use an electric type faster than staraptor (Jolteon for example). The trick is to always use a pokemon that
  10. How about a cubchoo with muscular body <3
  11. TEAM 2!!! Note: This team team I made is much better (for me) for it is flexible, and can escape to almost ANY situation in E4, especially when facing Elite Four Glacia (when she uses non ice types like Skarmory) Link:https://pokepast.es/595ccd202f5ae6a2 *Changes in this team* 1. Jellicent (will now be the main trickster + protect) - Jellicent is a water + ghost type pokemon that is also immune to fighting type moves like Rotom, BUT it has a much higher defense, much higher HP, increasing your chances of not wasting a revive on your trick pokemons (also
  12. How about a button that redirects to forums page? So that new members will be able to access important guides that'll make their journey/adventure in the game a lot more smoother, and also less asking on global and no more pasting links. It took me 2 weeks to know that there was actually a forum in PokeMMO and it'd be a great help!
  13. Can you provide a screenshot for that?
  14. Those NPCs must be the devs in disguise when you reach higher levels lmao
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