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  1. How about a cubchoo with muscular body <3
  2. TEAM 2!!! Note: This team team I made is much better (for me) for it is flexible, and can escape to almost ANY situation in E4, especially when facing Elite Four Glacia (when she uses non ice types like Skarmory) Link:https://pokepast.es/595ccd202f5ae6a2 *Changes in this team* 1. Jellicent (will now be the main trickster + protect) - Jellicent is a water + ghost type pokemon that is also immune to fighting type moves like Rotom, BUT it has a much higher defense, much higher HP, increasing your chances of not wasting a revive on your trick pokemons (also you might not have to use any potions at all) -Just like rotom, after deploying Stealth Rock with chansey, switch in Jellicent as your trickster, do the protect, and boom. -Why Jellicent, you ask? It is because Jellicent has the water attribute that reduces the chance of the Elite Four to use scary moves that is dangerous to Shedinja/Scrafty such as Fire, Rock AND what's more is that it increases the chances of the Elite Trainer to use Grass , Electric , Dark/Ghost moves that your shedinja and scrafty can easily withstand. NOTE: Ofcourse, there is no perfect team in Pokemmo. Every fight is unique, and every team shall be different. The only pokes that could potentially get in your way (I believe these two pokes are new ones since they are only recently used after I used Jellicent) are Honchkrow and Aggron a. Aggron (Choice Band)- Although he is somewhat annoying and it causes you so much stress you wanna throw your device away (lol jk) you can easily counter this big guy by switching in Scrafty and a single Dragon Dance + Drain Punch should do the work. Dont worry about taking damage, scrafty isnt as weak as you think he is ;) Note: You MUST use trick on aggron when Elite Four Phoebe/Sidney or Champion Wallace switches him on, as he usually carries Choice Band (+50% boost to Physical attacks) and Aggron's favorite move is Head Smash ( a rock type move, dangerous for shedinja) that makes it very spicy and fun situation for you ;) b. Honchkrow (Life Orb)- Probably more stressful than aggron, this guy can kill any of your sweepers + very fast speed. As for the counter... you can either: Switch in Chansey(sometimes the elite trainer switches him out and brings in a fighting type instead), and make him lose HP (life orb kills him) and just keep healing chansey, OR kill him with Jellicent (ice beam). Jellicent can tank one of his attacks, and if you coordinate it correctly with cute lil chansey, you should be fine ^^ 2. Typhlosion (will be your counter against Skarmory) - It is simple. If they use skarmory, just switch him in after skarmory lands one attack of your pokes and beat him up lol -SOMETIMES they switch skarmory out when I switch typhlosion in (they scared af) and if they do that, you can regroup your pokes, increasing your chances of winning ^^ P.S. I use word "sometimes" a lot because when battling against Elite Four and as you win more and more (im currently at 70 wins with the tester account), the smarter the Elite Four becomes. They will stress you out, they will learn. (Also they're only AI, dont be scared. You can beat them dont worry) Remember: Creativity will let you win, don't stress out if you lose. Instead, think of other fun ways to overcome obstacles and most importantly, HAVE FUN!
  3. How about a button that redirects to forums page? So that new members will be able to access important guides that'll make their journey/adventure in the game a lot more smoother, and also less asking on global and no more pasting links. It took me 2 weeks to know that there was actually a forum in PokeMMO and it'd be a great help!
  4. Can you provide a screenshot for that?
  5. Those NPCs must be the devs in disguise when you reach higher levels lmao
  6. Nice! Excited for the event later, thank you for this @White
  7. Welcome back to the game! I hope you'll stay longer this time and hopefully wont quit again :D Stay safe always from the pandemic, and feel free to say Hi to Global Chat whenever you feel bored or alone :)
  8. Not really, I used an audacity to convert my music to OGG file and made the loop there. I didnt have any problems or whatsoever, but try it out!
  9. Yes, you have to create a folder according to their responding regions 0= Hoenn 1= Kanto 2 = Unova After that, you must replace the names of the songs into track IDs depending on what part of the BGM you are going to change. There is a new feature in the game where you can type /bgm to know the corresponding track ID being played currently in that specific place/city.
  10. This is a good idea, but I just use a poke with a teleport and put it in my hotkeys just as the same as sweet scent.
  11. Hello! This is a "simple" guide for hoenn elite four rematch for those farming for BP (Battle Points) or those who are lazy (like me) farming items and just farm gold in Hoenn. You may have noticed me shouting from Global to Nerf E4 (lol) that is because I have tried multiple ways to establish a team that can take on the Hoenn Elite Four at their maximum level (100). Before starting on this guide, let me tell you that the Elite Four in each regions arent really the best way to make money, and if you are planning on grinding your way up and decided to farm gold in Elite Four, you better think first if it is suitable for you because there are multiple ways on how to make money in PokeMMO. For starters and better understanding of this guide, i advice you to watch this video as a source of reference on how it basically works out and we pretty much have similar team: A HUGE SHOUTOUT TO THIS YOUTUBER, xCLIMAXx! YT LINK: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzaGBKEI1omFcMgt7mDuhOg/featured Its a good thing I didnt need to make a video lmao keep up the videos!!! ^^ My team: Here is the link for my team >>> https://pokepast.es/01d35f6a8a309265 I shall briefly explain why I chose those specific pokes, their roles, the items, and also the other usable items that you are going to need when battling e4 especially each trainer changes pokes every run. Items needed!!! Dire Hit Focus Sash Hyper Potion (i use 10 per run, and only use 2 or 3) Revive (I always have 6 revives, but i hardly use it) Burn Heal Ice Heal Paralyze Heal Antidote Don't worry. You will only be needing lots of these at first for practice purposes, but soon you'll only be needing the first three items listed above when you master this strategy. Chansey (Weakness: Fighting) - Chansey will be your starting pokemon, and always choose her first before battling each trainer. The good thing about chansey is that her only weakness is: Fighting -Every time the battle starts, each elite trainer will most likely use a pokemon that they will immediately switch in the first turn (Since chansey has very high hp and an sp def tank, they'll switch to a pokemon that uses moves like Close Combat, Superpower, meteor mash, etc) -However, Do not fret! You must remember this: ALWAYS USE STEALTH ROCK ON THE FIRST TURN BEFORE SWITCHING OUT CHANSEY. ALWAYS. -Why stealthrock? There are most likely 2 or 3 pokes that the elite trainers that holds a focus sash, and everytime they switch a new pokemon in, they will be damaged by the stealth rock, rendering the ability of the focus sash to survive OHKO Moves useless. Stealth Rock: Easier chance for your sweeper to OHKO because of damage + negates the ability of Focus Sash held by the opponent's pokemon Softboil: I use this so i wont need to use much Hyper Potions for her (She has a freakin 700 HP are you insane?!) Wish: A very helpful skill to heal the pokemon you are going to switch Chansey with that needs HP, also a good heal for chansey (Note: It only works on the next turn after you use Wish) Sunny day: This is specifically for the team on 3rd Trainer (Glacia) when she uses a weather pokemon that has the ability to produce hail Rotom (Weakness: Ground(immune because of Levitate), Ghost, Dark) -Rotom(Electric + Ghost) will be your follow up pokemon after using Chansey and switching her out. Now, when switching rotom in, the trainer will most likely use Fighting Moves that are useless against Rotom, giving you an advantage to use TRICK to switch items with the opposite pokemon. Thus, your rotom shall have whatever item the opponent holds, and they will have Choice Scarf. -Choice Scarf only allows the pokemon to use 1 move until the PP is used up enabling only the move Struggle to be used when this happens, in exchange for 50% speed. Situation: 1. If the opponent does not switch out when you use trick, they will most likely use a move that is either super effective OR a move that can be used on Rotom: YOUR TRICK MOVE MUST BE SUCCESSFUL or else you'll have a hard time countering the trainer's pokemon moves 2. If the opponent switches out when you use trick, IMMEDIATELY use Protect to determine what type of skill they are going to use and to be able to come up with an appropriate pokemon that is immune/strong against that type of move. Ex. When the opponent switches in a Ninetails, and you successfully used trick on him and used protect; Ninetails will use either a Flare Blitz/Flamethrower, you can then use a pokemon that is strong against these types of attacks. The trick to be victorious in Elite Four is to only use a pokemon that is strong against what they are using. Discharge: There will come a time where all your sweepers will die (either because of a mistake or needs more practice on switching), Discharge can be a good way to clear out water type mons that could wipe out your team Substitute: An alternative for Protect Trick: So that your sweepers can take their time spamming and becoming a freakin one man sweeper Protect: To know the ability of the mon you used trick on, also a good way to preserve HP and save Hyper Potions Shedinja (Weakness: Flying, Rock, Ghost, Dark, Fire) -Shedinja will be the most important pokemon in your team. Why? This is because of his ability: Wonder Guard (Only super effective moves will work on shedinja, ALL OTHER ELSE will be negated) -It's simple. If the opponent does not use one of the move types above, spam agility + Swords dance and kill them all lol NOTE: You must always count the PP of the move the opponent is using only if they use OP moves that have low PP (like Hydro Pump, Meteor Mash) All pokemons of the elite four has MAXED PP, so as long as they dont use super OP moves that has a max of 8 PP, you don't have to count. VERY IMPORTANT!!: ALWAYS use DIRE HIT before sweeping their whole team to avoid a lack of damage output. It is better to use Dire Hit with Shadow Claw (90% Crit Rate) BEWARE OF: Toxic Rocky Helmet Will-o-wish HailStorm (Snow Warning ability) Sword Dance: To increase his Atk by 2, the maximum stack for this is +6 Agility: To increase his Speed by 2, the maximum stack for this is +6 Secret Power: To kill the pokemons that could potentially carry a Rocky Helmet(rocky helmet only activates when there is physical contact) Shadow Claw: A good combination for Dire Hit, 9 out of 10 times it is a critical hit. Also, in battling the champion (Wallace) he sometimes uses Gardevoir that synchronizes Shedinja's Wonder Guard Ability, and shadow claw is super effective against it. Scrafty (Weakness: Fighting, Flying, Fairy (scrafty immune to psychic moves)) -Scrafty shall be the best pokemon to use against Ice Types, Dark Types and Ghost Types. This means that in most of the E4 Run, scrafty shall be used because he is pretty much the best pokemon to clear the 1st-3rd trainers. Switch him in when the opponent is using not very effective moves or immune moves to Scrafty such as psychic moves. Drain Punch: A good way to get back the HP he lost after tanking all those dark moves when using dragon dance, and it is very effective on Ice Types. Crunch: There will come a time where you will be forced to go against a mon that is strong against fire and fighting moves, crunch will be your go-to. And it is also very effective on Ghost Types Fire Punch: Very Effective on grass types and ice types, also steel. It is a must-have for Scrafty as an alternative for Drain Punch when it runs out of PP Dragon Dance: Adds +1 atk and spd per use, the maximum stack for this is +6. I wont be going over Kingdra and Garchomp as they will be less used and you are welcome to change the lineup of these two. Note!! 1. Each trainer does not use the same team over and over again. The elite four changes their team from time to time, and this can be a very stressful thing for those first timers rematching the elite four. Sadly, I am not able to put in here the team lineup of each trainer BUT what I did to be familiar with the lineup is take note of their starting pokemon and who they switch it out with. 2. You can use an amulet coin to get 99k Gold per win. When logging out, the amulet coin does not consume its time. 3. This guide is not guaranteed for you to win against Elite Four. It all comes down on how well you are going to use this guide, and how well you get out of dangerous situations. 4. After winning, you can heal up with Mom and proceed directly to Pokemon League and wait for the cooldown to end. Cooldown is 45 minutes (correct me if i'm wrong) This shall be the end of my guide, i hope i can help other players struggling against elite four of hoenn. Ofcourse, feel free to correct my mistakes if there are any, and feel free to share a better, more convenient way to defeat the elite four. Happy gaming everyone! Have a good day, and be safe!
  12. I have a similar tactic where I use Rotom as my Trick + Protect (scarfed rotom) and let either my Shedinja (Agility + Sword Dance) or my Scrafty (Dragon Dance) do the work ^^. Also, instead of gligar , i used a chansey (eviolite) with moves (Softboiled, wish, stealth rock and sunny day)
  13. MoohSenseii


    Hello this is the first time i noticed this Introduce yourself forum. I just wanna say hi, thats all. I hope you all have a good day
  14. Hello, old man pretending to be a 19 year old kid.
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