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  1. Hello. I have questions I've been wanting to ask since last year and finally decided to ask today. Do admins ban ip address if a player got a permanent banned? Are they allow to create new character and start over again? I saw someone posted about getting permanent banned and he created new account after getting rejected in ban appeal, while he was in the middle of story he received an RMT ban. I'm very confused some others who got a permanent ban is still available to play until now while some getting ban again after creating new account. Looking for a clear answers.
  2. Who do you think is the Richest Players right now in the game? Active or inactive, admins are not included in this. I'm just curious.
  3. I see some players spreading info that we will not having a "Halloween Event" this year which I find irritating. If you see Dev post on oct 15 which about matchmaking reward issue, it said they will fixed it in the next update and I think that will be by the end of oct + the update for the HE too.
  4. Are those 2 MOD really working on Android phone? I already tried the other one nothing's changed in my graphics
  5. Is there HD Battle Sprites - Front and Back for Android? I'm planning to do shiny hunting using my Android phone.
  6. What's wrong having with separate ss contest? I was just suggesting 1p vs 1p not 1p vs 10players, it's literally so unfair. Why do other players joining by their own only even though they have a team?
  7. I would like to suggest to make a separate screenshot contest for single player and group of players. I find it a little unfair for other single player joining knowing you have to complete with 5 or more players in one screenshot. I see the higher chances of winning is more in the group players.
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