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  1. 感觉我的号就有惩罚机制,开捐赠也不闪
  2. I can pay for 300m,this is the highest price!
  3. Foreign friends, if your friends want to sell, maybe you can help contact and the price can be negotiated!
  4. You can take all my money!I really want!
  5. If you are interested, please reply, or contact me by email in the game
  6. 收幽灵装/WTB Ghost Costume/Quiero comprar Ghost suit 诚心收/sincerity wants/Sinceramente quiero ↓带上你的报价/you make an offer
  7. 孵蛋用的,高价收,大量收,有兴趣的可以私信我或者回帖。
  8. 800了,以后孵的慢了,可能几个月一更,孵蛋太累了,啥时候能有保底啊
  9. 如楼上所说,这些绝版道具都被资本家垄断了,他们有几千m的资产,把所有的货全部买光,然后自己定价,一个就赚几M几十M,新手辛辛苦苦赚了钱,结果被资本家割了韭菜,这就是游戏现状
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