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  1. Why not OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Clayclover OU2: Heichicoda vs ZacM UU1: Sgerard vs Wallarro UU2: Reliefgouai vs EpicVerde NU1: Cogeid vs tMoi NU2: woxiangsinile vs Mansterix DB: jjjjhh vs Gabuchox LC: Queest vs Zennen --------------------------------- LC: LimbowRed vs ProfesorEinstein NU: Kanicula vs Sebat
  2. IGN:AngelosRed Preferred Tiers: All Discord contact:AngelosRed#3408
  3. IGN: Mendeez Accolades: i have won a few tournaments Fluff: I know about lc and have experiences managing teams, an example of this is team chile in wc Fluff2: i play a lot ss lc and actually play in some leagues how main lc
  4. 1m pablobacas destroy all 1m chile win against portugal
  5. ggs peru i hope that arrogance does not play against him in the next few weeks πŸ™‚
  6. dude i think you didnt understand anything
  7. i see my bro @xSparkie like new tc lc hehe ^_^
  8. https://pokepast.es/151daef0fb05083b Okey i did an XD team, The idea of the team is to catch pokes with pursuit krokodile that do not allow the full potential of a fighting type to be exploited (in my case i chose toxicroack because I think he's great in the tier, leaving vaporeon useless and being a perfect check for the water types)
  9. reliable and fast, really recommended!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. The first step for replays is to have tournaments with good prizes, not shits x25 that cannot be used...... T_T
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