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  1. Mendeez -3 all but dubs if u choose me we can play cs go https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198326256200/
  2. Its the best pokemon in the world, better ban it in the tier and the problem is over
  3. Why not OU1: ZireaelCiri vs Clayclover OU2: Heichicoda vs ZacM UU1: Sgerard vs Wallarro UU2: Reliefgouai vs EpicVerde NU1: Cogeid vs tMoi NU2: woxiangsinile vs Mansterix DB: jjjjhh vs Gabuchox LC: Queest vs Zennen --------------------------------- LC: LimbowRed vs ProfesorEinstein NU: Kanicula vs Sebat
  4. IGN:AngelosRed Preferred Tiers: All Discord contact:AngelosRed#3408
  5. IGN: Mendeez Accolades: i have won a few tournaments Fluff: I know about lc and have experiences managing teams, an example of this is team chile in wc Fluff2: i play a lot ss lc and actually play in some leagues how main lc
  6. 1m pablobacas destroy all 1m chile win against portugal
  7. ggs peru i hope that arrogance does not play against him in the next few weeks πŸ™‚
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