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  1. any help me friends i win cinnabar blue question me want go island i select no i think next time try selection but he dont have here help me please He plunged upward, his heavy uguus slapping into my wife's ass. I couldn't believe my eyes as I realized that she had taken all of him with an ease and welcoming that stunned me.They started to fuck with passion, both of them lost to their desire. I could only imagine the ego stoking sensations that William was experiencing, as he took my wife right in front of me. My wife was squealing, her vocal pleasure hitting octaves that I didn't know existed within her, all while she rode and bucked atop the conquering male. My mouth was dry, my palms sweaty, my uguu ready to burst."Myyy- Oh-h. F-Fuckkk! Oh m-y goddd!!" Samantha moaned, as her naked ass smacked loudly down onto Williams crotch."You like that big uguu, don't you Sammie." William grunted, his muscles rippling as he wrapped his large arms around her lower back, increasing the tempo of his thrusting.https://gaysextube.name/en/category/4294967327/Casting/popular/1/"Ohhh! Ohhh! Oh-hh! Ohh-h! Fuc-kkk!! Wil-liammm!!" Samantha was consumed, my mind scrambled as I witnessed her reaching heights of satisfaction I had never come close to giving her. She was moaning, squealing, screaming, gasping, as she savored this new experience.His big uguus thwacked into the clammy skin of her ass, creating a chorus of slapping that joined along with the creaking of our guest room bed. My wife was getting the fucking of her life, and my uguu was diamond hard in aroused horror as I realized I was not the man giving it to her.Samantha continued to moan, her sexy rump bouncing up and down with vigor, as she gave herself to our endowed house guest. "I'm gon- I'm- Oh!!-""Do it Samantha!" William grunted, still thrusting with an expertise and capability that made me both respect and envy the man, "uguu on my big uguu baby.""Mmm- Fuuu- John!" My wife squealed in primal release, her thoughts considering me as the profound orgasm exploded across her body, perhaps out of guilt, perhaps out of love, or perhaps for reasons I'd never be able to comprehend. "I'm c-cumminggg!! Ohhh- goddd- Johnnn! I'm cumming for him!!" She raised her hand up to cover her own mouth, her arm shaking as she struggled to comprehend the intensity of the waves of pleasure that ran through her. It was almost as if she couldn't believe that her body had produced such a feeling.My own penis nearly burst from the sensory overload, my eyes frozen on my wife as she convulsed, shuddering hard atop Williams massive member. She collapsed forward, smashing her heavy breasts into his muscled chest as she continued to squeal and squirm, "I'm c-c-cumminggg so harddd!!"https://thegaycamchat.comI gazed upon the perverse sexual collision, my wife's labia taut and clinging to the base of Williams girthy shaft as I watched the micro-spasms of her uguu clench and release along his uguu. It was a miracle that he didn't uguu in response to it, though his huge balls hung there, imposing and fearsome, waiting for the opportunity.Eventually, the room quieted for a moment. Her voice was delicate as she navigated the immensity of what had just occurred. I heard Samantha smack her lips together in recovery, brushing her hair out of her eyes, "I've never uguu like that before."It was deeply erotic to hear my wife offer those words to another man, all while his massive penis was still embedded deep inside her. They kissed again, a passionate, appreciative kiss that nearly caused me to faint.
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