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  1. How do you obtain the shiny charm in Pokemmo because you can't catch mew in Kanto, Can't catch Groundon or Kyogre in Hoenn, You can't catch Dialga or Palkia in Sinnoh e.t.c so how do you get the shiny charm.
  2. I am at the Pokemon Battle Frontier in Hoenn and I went to challenge the battle dome but when I talked to the women at the counter nothing happened so I had to leave and wasn't able to challenge the battle dome and I wanted to know why the game wouldn't let me challenge the battle dome.
  3. I was on the GTL looking at Pokemon and saw a green star next to it and wondered what it meant.
  4. I am getting close to completing every game on Pokemmo and wondered what you think I should do once I have completed every game.
  5. How do you catch/encounter legendary or mythical Pokemon?
  6. I have got all the roms and I was wondering if anyone new if Johto is coming and when is it coming.
  7. At the moment i have 8 gym badges in Hoenn but would rather gather all 8 gym badges in the other regions before i take on the Pokemon League. If i went to Sinnoh and came back to Hoenn would i pick up from where i left off or would i have to get all 8 gym badges in Hoenn again?
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