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  1. It's little, I saw that they removed the "*" when creating two pokemon that are not their own OT. That was good. -What I ask is: -Remove the "Unknown OT" -Buying rare shinys is more expensive than raising them. -Make shinys that are not OT, when raising them go out with our OT, just as they did with normal pokemon.
  2. Regarding event objects such as scythe, water elfbot, fire, ect. Will they come back in the future? : /
  3. Many kid's talking about "Kalos n "galar" , all good in home?
  4. I've been doing research on hunting shinys and as read in 1/30000 right? that the%. So my doubt is, that being 1/30000 that does not ensure that if you carry 29999 pokemon the next will be shiny. Is this true?
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