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  1. Excuse me

  2. this is turning into "The offers Flava gets from Trade Chat"
  3. Welcome Don't mind Orangeslash, he's harmless couldnt hurt a fly if he tried
  4. Doesn't PSL advertising require advertising to comp players   ooooo brb ill go grab you a burn heal on the house
  5. For now I'd suggest 2x OU instead, and this has been brought up before and the issue that comes to the table is the amount of time and refs needed to make this work   I do fully support it though
  6. do i sweg well

    1. shervinz


      You are 9/10 sweg pro plus m8


  8. draw me a zangoose with a red headband chillin with a orange dratini   ty
  9. Tag UU would be cool.   Also what time are these hosted for you ?
  10. The light of the horizon will show the darkness of your days

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    2. Pokennon


      we work in the dark to serve the light

    3. DaftCoolio


      your so deep

    4. Archinix


      Ikr brah

      How you doin

  11. I need to like this more than once
  12. >Riga >Cool   hahahhahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahah
  13. I didn't wanna make you one anyways   ihy   Still never used the other one I made
  14. Ahhhh, makes sense.   Nice GUI regardless. Planning on making more?
  15. HELLO

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    2. Archinix


      Work + Chilling, saving up and figuring what I wanna do, and you?

    3. Mariout


      Not much. Finishng up Junior year and volunteering at a museum's movie theather for Community Service Hours (for school)

    4. Archinix


      oooo nice ;o

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