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  1. <22:01:08> "Jay" was banned permanently from the server by "Kudasai" (avadakadabra)    ;-;
  2. Excuse me

  3. If this comes of harsh or rude, it wasn't meant to. Just a disclaimer.   Plo, I'm sorry but Aura literally is shit loads of stupid jokes, and bonding. On the forums, teamspeak, or in game. Saying you don't follow the thread because of it, I just find very idiotic. If you're not going to be joking with us as a team, or including your self in any conversations aside from anime, it just doesn't feel like you are a true team member to the team.   Example: At the team meeting Lion told everyone to get on TS for the team meeting your replies of "why should I get on TS?", "It's probably going to be about comp stuff which I don't do, which will probably be wasting my time." Just makes it feel like you don't give a rats ass about the team. And yes this is all I'm mentioning simply because this is not an attempt to cause drama, I am only addressing your post.   Also, you take the whiteknighting jokes way too seriously, yes I understand I'm not a "gril" but still, it is only a joke, 4f, Eggplant, Shervinz, Rin, etc understand it is only a joke and not making it serious attempt to try and "get with you." If one of the girls in the team do have a true issue with it let me know and I'll talk to the people involved and get it dealt with.   Chill.    PUHLEASE.
  4. 1st off, Joshs quality pictures > Candys   2nd, Josh has skype, ask for it   3rd, Josh has a comfy as fuck bed, maybe you guys can try it out together   I'm the best wingman, glad to be here for ya Josh   EDIT: 4) Josh can show you how good his fingers are lmfao
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