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  1. Dirty Rat bringing out someones Reno turn 2 might be the greatest (and luckiest) feeling in the game currently. I had one guy instantly concede after pulling it off turn 3 the other day I do find it hilarious the card exists in the first place. As Blizzard had come out and said in the past they did not want to add hand disruption to the game
  2. Pirate warrior is the most cancerous deck I've seen in a while
  3. Battletag: DrewIII#1978 Server(s): Almost always on NA Favourite Decks: N'zoth Paladin, Renolock, and Maly Druid & Ramp Druid are probably my favorite decks right now Favourite Classes: Paladin and Druid Really excited for the new Paladin cards I've been seeing released, will probably make a fun midrange build after release The two new Priest cards "Dragonfire Potion" and the new 5 mana 5/6 "discover a card in your opponents deck" look pretty cool too
  4. New laptop means I have to figure out how to install game, which sounds exhausting Yes I'm still a Mac pleb
  5. Whether you voted for Trump or have been against him from the beginning. You have to respect the campaign this man just ran Trump had to fight off the entire Democratic Elitist Party, basically the whole GOP, the POTUS, AND the INCREDIBLY biased and liberal media. This was about more than Republicans/Democrats. This was about a country tired of waiting around every 4 years just to hear the same song and dance from the same politicians The man DELIVERED with a clear message that clearly was felt up in the Rust Belt considering he stole Penn, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc. And acr
  6. Hell yeah dude, i'll cheers to that my boi i may or not may be already drunk
  7. Sure anyone CAN play QB for the Pats. Belichick is easily one of the top 5 coaches in sports and devices game plans uniquely fit for the players he has available as well as for the opponent he is facing. Can't tell if this is a slight a Brady or not. If so, do we need a reminder of the ONE year he had a top deep threat? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yNxr1bWT-ac Fuck me man, I hope David Tyree is working at a Footlocker or something
  8. it's okay I guess no i'm not paying you
  9. o/ an active VVVV team you say? what is this 2012
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