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  1. [quote name='Dougington' timestamp='1360632259' post='194216'] [i][b]What is it you would like see customized/made[/b][/i] An option to change the generic blue to red/green etc etc... [i][b]How would like see it customized/made?[/b][/i] Very simple. Menu > Settings > Other (Or a new tab) GUI Colour > select colour. [i][b]Is there anybody you think would be able to/you would like see customize/make this?[/b][/i] The button would have to be made by the devs since it would require a little bit of programming but the for the actual GUI just about anyone w
  2. [i][b]What is it you would like see customized/made?[/b][/i] The trainer card Image. It looks pretty bad when scaled up to its size and clashes with most custom GUIs. [i][b]How would like see it customized/made?[/b][/i] I would like to see a trainer card image that is editable via the same methods as the rest of the GUI is. This could be done by adding an image for it to the gui/res folder and making the game read from there, instead of the rom. It can use a simple trainer card for the default one, then it'd be up to whoever is editing their GUI to do on their own. [i][b]Is the
  3. Hi, I'm Onyx. I'm new to these forums, but have been through my share of them before. I'm not new to Pokemon, online games, or the internet in general. Usually listen to music or tinker around with things in Gimp/Photoshop/Illustrator in my spare time. Usually listening to just about any genre of music except wubstep, vocaloids, or country. That's it. Now I'm leaving before this gets too much more like a dating gameshow. Any questions/etc I guess, then ask.
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