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  1. Phase 1 Hunting Shiny Scyther - Mission failed. IDK why always male and bad ivs and bad nature. I stopped counting encounters after 32k -- Edit: First shiny on 2013 alt account: Phase 1 Hunting shiny Female Pikachu. Same morning with Gloom
  2. since when you have shiny exca, you lucky bastard. 2 more deer, i have an autumn deerling πŸ˜†
  3. Phase 1 - Hunting Shiny Karrablast - Mission Failed. First deer for the collection i guess. 21900++ encounters
  4. what with your rng? btw you know tranquill has 100% horde at route 12 right? what about those eggs?
  5. My RNG is back after my curse was lifted. SRIF 5667 encounters. 31 atk tho :<
  6. My curse is finally lifted. 104356 encounters - 5 weeks and 4 days since i killed shiny duosion.
  7. Doesn't have to be newest version of python. You can use python 3.8.11. I think that version still support windows 7
  8. [NOT ME] a guy in my team got 3 shinies today 12:40 - 14:14 - 15:57 he got 6 shiny klink in a row before a shiny ferroseed so i guess this is justice πŸ˜†
  9. 75% male rate and you get 4 females? your rng is crazy. Congrats
  10. Last time i run from shiny duosion. this time i killed him. 3990 encounters. Good bye forever. It's my fault.
  11. Cute Charm Rate is what again? Shiny Female Lombre hunt failed. This is the 2nd Male Lombre, both with really bad ivs. 5343 encounters.
  12. Phase 3 Hunting Shiny Staryu. Mission Failed AGAIN. 13629 encounters.
  13. Dreamy said good night and this show up. Thanks Dreamy. Phase 2 - Hunting Shiny Staryu - Mission Failed. 22k encounters.
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