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  1. 当我第一次玩这个游戏的时候,我是不知道有商场、交易频和聊天频道这种东西。 所以我感觉这样对新手非常的不友好,佷容易让玩家放弃,所以我建议加一个新手引导,就像在线游戏一样,指引玩家找到交流频道、商场、PVP等等地方 When I first played the game, I didn't know there was such a thing as a mall, a trading post, or a chat channel. So I feel that this is very unfriendly to new players, it's very easy for players to give up, so I suggest adding a new player guide, just like an online game, to guide players to communication channels, shopping malls, PVP, etc.
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