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  1. In my profile I made a mod of megabytes, it is complete.
  2. THEME GENGAR UPDATED Tema gengar actualizado Hello friends of PokeMMO, I want to share a theme that fixes, the people who use this theme in the past know that you could not play pvp, because the creator did not implement the button to search for games, I have solved that error, here I leave the whole gengar theme, I hope you enjoy it, I also leave you a video as a demonstration. Video Link Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/z3jp5ewmeals3gq/GENGAR_2021.zip/file
  3. THEME LUCARIO Tema Lucario Hello friends of pokemmo, I share a theme that I made in my free time, I hope this theme is to your liking, the theme is inspired by the pokemon lucario, use the color palette of this Pokémon, I leave a video as a demonstration. Enjoy it, Greetings. video link Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/a6qjnd5wrhf4x4j/TemaLucario.zip/file
  4. [MOD] Mega Evolución. Hola amigos, hice este mod de MEGA EVOLUTIONS tomó tiempo, pero finalmente se terminó, Espero que te guste. Este mod se puede jugar en PC y Android. Eanglish translator Hi friends, I made this MEGA EVOLUTIONS mod took time, but it's finally finished, hope you like it. This mod can be played on PC and Android. Rodear un https://www.mediafire.com/file/cbx6h80nynkvq3q/OMARIBARRA-PokeMMo_MEGA_1.2.zip/file Rodear un
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