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  1. So one is a dare and one is a legitimate question, could the fanmade rom hack "Pokemon Gaia" and "Clover" be added as other regions to Pokemmo or, is Pokemmo set on only using the cannon regions and nothing else? So the first one, "Pokemon Gaia", Im suggesting this to be added because of many reasons 1. it was voted as a pretty darn good rom hack for pokemon and had a good story to boot 2. has the fairy type in its gameplay, therefore, allowing fairy types to be introduced to pokemmo (from what I assume would be since I am not a programmer) fairly helpful to that front. Now for the one I HIGHLY doubt will be added, but thought that I would throw it out since its reasons match up with Gaia but also has another addition of brand new pokemon built with a competitive mindset. I have played it AND looked through the pokedex and trust me, I KNOW this might not be touched with a 10 foot pole since clover was created by 4chan and its pokemon reflect that, but, gameplay is super challenging and it would be interesting to see how the Real pokes go against these guys.Well as stated before hand, I was dared to ask this since I was going to recommend Gaia, and well, no harm in asking right?
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