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  1. Thats explain everything! Thank u @MightyBoxer
  2. For some reason, in my game there is no such TMs. Maybe its outdated. I'll check
  3. Hey Mayor, how u doing?? I need to buy a Sludge Bomb TM, and according to your post, I could buy it in Celadon dpt store. But, I cant find all TMs there. Are the TMs splitted in all regions?? Sry if I missing something Hope u can help :) Edit: I found a lot of TMs in the Cinnabar Island Market, including Sludge Bomb
  4. Hans

    Hi! Im Hans :)

    Thank you all for the reception! @Minihara @Sethsen @Bestfriends @BrokenBulb @Diano @Dianinha @Toxicz
  5. Hans


    Welcome! Nice to meet u
  6. Hello guys, Im Hans, and had discovered this game some days ago and Im pretty impressed, looks very well organized and fun! Im a super 4fun player, so don't expect to see climbing the ranking ladders Im looking to make friends to play with, so, if you are Brazillian (or not), please, send me a PM, we can play together :D It will be a pleasure to meet u all! ===================================================================================================== Iae galera, eu sou o Hans e descobri esse game a pouco tempo, achei muito bacana, organizado e div
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