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  1. n0xor


    well, thinking in time zones, today is over in like 12h while it is over for like 12h at the same time =D
  2. I think this would crash like everything. There is the "job" of a breeder, who buys pokemon with specific IV's to breed them on demand, which would be lost. There is the "job" of a breeder farmer, who catches mons to sell them for breeders, which would be lost. Plus I do not see any benefit from the suggested system... -1
  3. Nothing comes free in RL, why should it in a MMO? We have the "daily benefit" of earning ~450k "for free" (gym reruns). If you are not into farming, then a MMO game might not be the right thing for you... -1
  4. Team Name: Aventerrør Team Tag: ÁvE Registered Players: CaptainBaklava - Pottina - RexB - LynxLowman - AnnoyingZoey - xAnzar - SteveDerBaum - AkarinDojutsu - DarkXerox - AQA - Vinaloop - ARCHorsttwo - Polyphon - Antemortem - DrakayTheReal - MissSeraphine - OxOReFaked Team Captain: Pottina
  5. Team Tag: ÁvE Team Name: Aventerrør Registered CaptainBaklava - Pottina - RexB - LynxLowman - AnnoyingZoey - xAnzar - SteveDerBaum - AkarinDojutsu - DarkXerox - AQA - Vinaloop - ARCHorsttwo Team Captain: RexB
  6. It's like 4:20pm right now. At least somewhere in the world =D
  7. Happens on my controller sometimes, that it does 2 clicks when I did just 1. Cancle Button would really help a lot here! To balance that, would be ok to take all the time of the clock, which was spend in "move-locked" mode the instant you cancle out of it. +1 great idea
  8. Wonderful idea! +1 Could be as simple as this: new row of buttons (maybe 5 make a row) right click -> save current filter left click -> apply saved filter middle click -> change name of button
  9. +1 for adding more content to the team system -1 for adding a team level system +1 for team box & bag -1 for team buffs
  10. I like the idea of turning the "Team system" into a "real guild system". Somewhere was the idea of an guild bank, which I liked, but this idea puts it all together! A nice hide out to chill, a new massive money sink (I'd propose to have a big initial fee plus monthly fees, both varying in amout depending on the member size of the team), and a place for future "guild updates". Every time our team announces winners to some internal event, we search a different place to take a screenshot of that. That sucks! Nice Team house would come in handy here! PS sry 4 ba
  11. I like to respond "habla ingles or use a translator if u want smth"
  12. n0xor

    Region Chat

    I like the idea, but I also like channel chat. Please don't replace channel chat
  13. n0xor

    Clan Bank

    +1 Should support money, pokemons and items!
  14. +1 I dont like the idea of getting any reward for those fights. Hard to balance that... Aside from that, good idea!
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