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  1. Wait I can open links now, try to ask staff member about ur's
  2. There is Orange and Blue Flaming Skull now which is one of the most expensive vanity rn, is there a chance we can have these new Flaming skull? The colors look so awesome :)
  3. No, but you can ask the gm or mod to ur problem. Maybe you never experience dealing people who don't speak ur language ur using, the struggle is real My always line is "Sorry but I don't understand" in trade unless some players will reply in English using translation/can speak English which I really appreciate so much. Not Chinese players only but also to all non- English speaker will not gonna reply unless you talk to them in their language. I'm 80% PokeMMO Android users and sure other players too who only play in their phones now this. So it's very important to put Copy-paste option on Android users.
  4. Please add this options in the next update of the game, it's really hard to communicate with other players when you can't talk properly because of the different languages.
  5. Hello, suggestions of costume and weapons you might consider if not now maybe in the future. :)
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