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  1. No I do not make animated sigs also if everyone who posted could please use the forms on my first post for their requests that’d be great
  2. okay so, i'm gonna reopen with 200k sigs, 300k art sketches and 500k flat colored art
  3. Congrats to Baliads for winning and Neildown for taking second place! Rip Mehagony for taking last
  4. welp gonna skip posting the rest of these and just post this
  5. Date: Sunday, April 11th Time: 6 pm UTC | 2 pm EST Location: Route 116, Hoenn ch4 Duration: 1 hour for catching and 20 minutes for leveling/entry Pokemon accepted: (All participants will catch Nincada's and evolve to get a Shedinja which they will submit) Nature Bonus: Adamant +3 All Scores are judged highest to lowest. You may submit 2 entries (1 for highest and one for lowest) All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to a participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. Must be part of the team to participate (unless you talk to me beforehand). You must link both the Ninjask and Shedinja to me so I can compare the stats/nature Make sure when evolving that you have an open slot in your party for Shedinja 1st Place Prize 500k  2nd Place Prize 200k Last Place Prize 10 Lava Cookies Host Ploegy
  6. Congrats to Pinkwings for taking first and Kizhaz for taking second!
  7. This is late but this is the list for anyone who actually wants it here Scavenger Hunt List: Poliwag (1pt) Poochyena (1pt) Marill (1pt) Male Pikachu (1pt) Female Roselia (1pt) A Bug Type Pokemon under lvl 10 (1pt) A Meowth with Pay Day (1pt) Pokemon with Fly (1pt) Pokemon with Swift Swim Ability (1pt) A Green Pokemon (1pt) A Normal type caught in Sinnoh (1pt) Female Trubbish (1pt) Female Quagsire (2pt) Aipom (2pt) Pokemon with Thundershock (2pt) Male Houndour (2pt) Female Ralts (2pt) Mawile (2pt) Lairon with Sturdy (2pt) Pachirisu (2pt) Female Minun (2pt) A Dragon type caught in Unova (2pt) Growlithe with Intimidate (2pt) A female Hoppip nicknamed Birthday Girl (2pt) Lillipup with a 31 iv (3pt) Mareep (3pt) Skitty (3pt) Eevee (3pt) Adamant Shinx (3pt) Staravia with 120 or above iv total (3pt) Plusle with 60 or below iv total (3pt) A Fire type with a Modest nature (3pt) Timid Petilil (3pt) Jolly Minccino (3pt) Pinsir (5pt) Johto Starter (5pt) Electrike with 31 Sp Atk iv (5pt) Bidoof with 31 Atk iv (5pt) Vulpix with 31 Spd iv (5pt) Absol (5pt) 2x31 Pokemon (5pt) Emolga (5pt)
  8. i am currently not taking requests, sorry on another note, i really popped off these last two days on these drawings
  9. i doubt anyone pays much attention to this thread, but if there is interest, i may or may not decide to make these p5 style portraits available in this shop though i would definitely be charging in game money for them (probably around 650-750k). if interested do let me know and i'll think about it anywho, four more are done, including the boy joker himself
  10. a new smash bros project which may or may not ever be finished bonus, one of my ocs:
  11. oops i disappeared for two months. art dump time
  12. Date: Saturday, March 27th Starting Location: Vermillion ch3 Time: 8pm UTC Location: Multiple across all regions Duration: 1 hour of hunting + 10min submission Scoring: A list of pokemon with point values will be posted 5 min prior to event. The player with the highest total of points is the winner. Rules: Players must catch pokemon from the scavenger list for points. All pokemon must be caught during event time. You must be the OT of all the Pokémon. Breeding pokemon is not allowed. You may level up your pokemon for required evolution or moves. You may catch the pokemon in any order you wish. Multiple entries of the same list pokemon will not receive additional points, BUT the same pokemon may be used for multiple entries if it meets the requirements. There will be an additional 10 min after the event for last min submissions. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a bonus round which will be first person to catch 1 extra pokemon. The pokemon will only be revealed if this round is needed. If a player manages to catch all pokemon before the hour, they are the winner. If multiple players finish the list before the hour, there will be no extra submission period and winner will be determined by who completed it first. How to submit You will be able to submit your pokemon to accumulate points as the event goes on via whisper to a participating host. Please state the entry you are submitting with the link of your pokemon. ex. A flying type (1pt). Prizes 1st Place Prize Shiny Marill  2nd Place Prize Pink Cat Ears Participating Staff: Ploegy Dindra
  13. Congrats to OrangeManiac for winning and thank you to all that participated!
  14. now this is the kind of event that let's my true skills shine. that is my true skills of guessing poorly drawn pokemon
  15. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: Thinknicer, Dindra, Incognition, OddishSprout, Ploegy, Pinkwings Team Captain: Pinkwings
  16. In first place we have RafolsJohn Second we have TheRealLunar And in third we have TheAmethyst Thank you to everyone who participated! Prizes will be sent out soon!
  17. This event has been extended one extra week!
  18. Start Date: Tuesday, December 15th End Date: Sunday, January 10th Judging Duration: Monday, January 11th - Tuesday, January 12th Theme: Ice Type Things accepted under this theme: -The artwork must be Pokemon themed -Fakemon that fit the theme -Pokemon Trainers that fit the theme (can be fanmade trainers or existing ones) -All Pokemon that fit the theme (whether it is its primary or secondary typing) -Pokemon Fusions that fit the theme Judging Criteria: -Creativity -Originality -Interpretation of the theme presented -Overall Impression Rules: -Each member can only submit one piece of art. Edits can be made to the work throughout the time period given, but if reposting please do so on your original post -Artists of all skill levels are welcome. Don't feel discouraged from joining if you are not an artist. This is for fun and art will be judged as fairly as possible -Stick to the theme given. All entries that stray from the theme will not be taken into consideration for winning -When posting your piece, give a brief description of it (optional, but always helps the judges understand pieces) -All types of art are welcome (traditional and digital) -All entries should be posted on this thread -Any questions can be directed to Ploegy. Feel free to dm here or on discord -Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the art! Prizes: 1st: Shiny Walrein 2nd: Ice Elfbot Outfit + Hat 3rd: 2 100RP Tickets Judges: Ploegy Dindra Incognition
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