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  1. August's winner is Dindra! It was an explosive victory https://challonge.com/zevadvts
  2. kazuya from tekken. that is the story. he was for the persona 5 styled smash banner i did. i guess i never posted the version with him so
  3. quick art dump since i've been dead again
  4. July's (or Jily as I misspelled it) winner is Robbinho! He rolled over the competition, quite literally https://challonge.com/m1wgvsxa
  5. selling this premade sig if anyone would like it since it wasn't liked. price can be discussed
  6. June's winner is BaliAds! The Final Gambit was too strong https://challonge.com/gfbws25s
  7. I swap out to a smeargle once i have just the shiny left since my smeargle has no killing moves
  8. electro ball, discharge, swift and dig (mostly to get out of caves since i do have a few shinies i'm hunting in caves rn)
  9. at least i didn't find it when he was in my charm
  10. i use pachi as a pickup horde killer when i'm eving so i just naturally have it as a lead. nothing special at all lol
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