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Hello and Welcome 


I'm King Ploegy, the in the closet Canadian and I'm guessing you came to learn about me right? (⊙‿⊙✿) Well here are some facts that you may like to know


Team Optic member/executive from December 23, 2012-March 16th, 2015 (original stay)

Former ÄURA Officer

Former PkéM Commander

Former SÄSS Commander

Current OpTc Executive


Current OT Shiny List:

Meowth, Diglett, Electrike, Vulpix, Duosion, Pikachu, Floatzel, Girafarig, Herdier, Minccino, Swellow, Surskit, Rufflet, Lickitung, Lombre, Swablu, Ralts, Jigglypuff, Buneary, Mienfoo




I am a hockey fan, specifically of the Detroit Red Wings. Hockey is basically my life

I am a hobby artist and a writer (specifically a journalist though I write plenty of fiction as well)

My favorite Pokemon are Pikachu and Quagsire

My Smash Bros main is Yoshi / Joker. I secondary Inkling and Byleth

I am a splatling/charger player in Splatoon 2

I am a D.va / Mercy / Genji main in Overwatch




That is all I'm going to tell you about me. Thank you for visiting. Do come again~


q4bAr5d.png   c5Icsve.pngeoGUqtB.pngx2hoNQb.png

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