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  1. It's about time we got him
  2. Hmu with the info on those Raichus, Tropius and the Bellos please c:
  3. I'm trying to find a decent spot on the gif to place the text, but I'm not entirely sure so I thought I might as well ask where you'd like to see it placed
  4. We're not supposed to make lf/wtb threads? Welp I've broken that rule many times but I agree soften the rules on it. There is no reason for it
  5. Me! I'm still playing. I haven't been able to clear the level 40 one yet but I haven't really tired so that's probably why. I've just been trying to level up some heroes so I can get the orbs off the characters that you need to KO things with cuz I wanna get Alm or I might even try to get Nowi from the new group Was happy to get a 4 star Kagero though. Can make her 5 star eventually. I've been hunting for her for awhile though
  6. Teach me how to get wks

    1. Ploegy


      I don't know how I do it

  7. Okay, kill me for not getting shit done, but I got a 12 page paper thrown on me and it was just hell to get through. I'll do some stuff this weekend when I have free time
  8. Beast Titan is a lil uguu and he knows it Also don't forget plotline that was brought up at the end of the episode with Christa and all that shit
  9. I guess if we can't have a dislike button then we just have to bring back the like counter. It's the only solution
  10. Will get back to work on these once I'm back at my dorm tomorrow night
  11. Realized the tone of gray I used was too light once I finished. Even though these take like 5 minutes I'm too lazy to go back and fix it