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  1. did a batch of princesses and put these together cuz i can
  2. hope these are alright! i added the price for the pfp doodles to the front if you need to know how much to send
  3. would you prefer the style i've been posting? if so i can do that, just wanna make sure since i haven't officially added them to the front also a few more i did last night/today
  4. ahhhh ty!!! here's a batch of fire emblem ones i did today
  5. Congrats to myself for winning and NekorzOfBrionac for taking second! Dunsparce was too op in the end
  6. a few more cuz why not. i'll stop doodling eventually and go back to my other style lmao
  7. Congrats to our winner Spelenn and FredHK for taking second!
  8. ahhhh ty! it's very cute! and tbh i'm not surprised. i'm not really promoting my shop much after all. besides it has let me be spammed with lil doodle suggestions on the optic discord and just doodle those lol
  9. did a few lil ships with some of the doodles i already had and 1 full new one
  10. Date: Sunday, May 22nd Time: 7 PM UTC | 3 PM EST Details: -This will be an in game hosted randoms tourney -Members from Optic and friends may join -This will be single elimination -Bracket will be posted the day of the tourney. Please whisper me before the tourney if you plan to participate (I will @ one hour before on discord and ask in team before the event starts) -Pray you have good RNG Location: Slateport City, Ch4 First Place Prize: 500k Second Place Prize: 200k Host: Ploegy
  11. Date: Friday, May 20th Time: 7 pm UTC | 3 pm EDT Location: Route 110, Hoenn Ch4 Duration: 1 hour for catching and 10 min to submit entry Pokemon accepted: Nature Bonus: Modest +5 Timid +5 Hasty +5 Rules: All Scores are judged highest to lowest. You may submit 1 entry only (no prize for the worst) All Pokemon must have been caught within the event time. You will have one hour to catch your entry. Pokemon must be the player's OT. You must link your entry to a participating staff member via whisper to submit your entry. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined through the earliest catch time. Must be part of the team to participate (unless you talk to me beforehand). 1st Place Prize 500k  2nd Place Prize 200k Host Ploegy
  12. if you thought it was done, think again
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