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  1. took a break from the smash stuff to make a meme sketch sorry alm, new best lord has entered my heart
  2. today's doodles and bonus lucas and a zoomed out screenshot of all the ones i've done together
  3. no here are more smash doodles from yesterday though yes, i am going to attempt all 80 fighters in the game
  4. today's work is quick smash doodles
  5. some quick doodles i've done lately
  6. haven't been super focused on art but here are a few things i've done since the last time i posted
  7. Ploegy

    Attack on Titan

    Yes. I was very upset by that
  8. Ploegy

    Attack on Titan

    I do not like the sounds of this but yet that kinda tempts me to get back into the manga. I only stopped cuz they did a certain character dirty and I was not okay with it
  9. Ploegy

    Attack on Titan

    @Munya i still exist though it's been awhile since i've caught up on aot. like a year on the manga atm and i didn't even touch season 3 of the anime, but that's not much of a problem given i was already way ahead anyways. but rage away
  10. still not dead but in love with this girlie rn uwu
  11. you might have thought i was dead but
  12. just provide me with a reference pic and i'll put it on my to do list when i get some art motivation
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