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  1. Congrats to OrangeManiac for winning and thank you to all that participated!
  2. now this is the kind of event that let's my true skills shine. that is my true skills of guessing poorly drawn pokemon
  3. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: Thinknicer, Dindra, Incognition, OddishSprout, Ploegy, Pinkwings Team Captain: Pinkwings
  4. In first place we have RafolsJohn Second we have TheRealLunar And in third we have TheAmethyst Thank you to everyone who participated! Prizes will be sent out soon!
  5. This event has been extended one extra week!
  6. Start Date: Tuesday, December 15th End Date: Sunday, January 10th Judging Duration: Monday, January 11th - Tuesday, January 12th Theme: Ice Type Things accepted under this theme: -The artwork must be Pokemon themed -Fakemon that fit the theme -Pokemon Trainers that fit the theme (can be fanmade trainers or existing ones) -All Pokemon that fit the theme (whether it is its primary or secondary typing) -Pokemon Fusions that fit the theme Judging Criteria: -Creativity -Originality -Interpretation of
  7. Congrats to Halott for coming in first, DaQuiALa for coming in second and Incognition for coming in third! Thank you to everyone that participated! Bracket: https://challonge.com/egx1ub96
  8. Date: Saturday, December 12th Time: 7 PM UTC | 2 PM EST Details: NU, Single Elimination Open to all members and friends of Optic Bracket will be posted the day of the tourney. Please whisper me before the tourney if you plan to participate Location: Pastoria City, Ch3 First Place Prize: 700k Second Place Prize: 400k Third Place Prize: 100k Host: Ploegy
  9. really been on that zelda related art lately
  10. almost another month so i bring new art
  11. Congrats to PinkWings for taking first and Incognition for taking second!
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