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  1. I am happy to announce the results of our art contest! In third place we have @TheBirdLord with his Torchic admiring Talonflame! In second place we have @Mehagony with his origami Ninetales! And our first place winner is @Poratne with his Inferrose! Thank you to everyone that entered and congrats to our winners! Prizes will be sent out asap
  2. Entry time is now closed! Any entries past this post will be voided! Results will be posted during the day on Sunday so stay tuned for that
  3. could you give me a render of rotom that you like. i'm struggling to find one
  4. i will try to get to these new requests asap. hopefully in the next couple of days ^^
  5. you're honestly gonna need to be more specific with your request rather than just "anime girls." i was given specific characters on those orders not just anime girl
  6. this event has been extended an extra week
  7. for the first time in like a month i actually managed to get myself to art
  8. Congratulations to our winners @Quarked & @Kizhaz and thank you for everyone that attended! Bracket: https://challonge.com/3k1y3ldb
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