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  1. take some pokemon trainer doodles
  2. now you live. time to make me a dva signature kk thanks hah
  3. and last but not least, two good galar kiddos
  4. lemme just stop here to drop some new art. gonna break it into group again so here we go first some of the yoshis from inktober (i didn't make it all 31 days lmao)
  5. Haha, the redwings are only slightly worse than the sabres

    1. Ploegy


      you ain't wrong u_u


      but also i've missed you bb

  6. and last we have character designs i have been making for a project i am doing with a friend revolving around persona
  7. then we have art with the boy joker in it featuring my fan kiddo and ann as well:
  8. hoo boy do i have lots of stuff to share since i last posted. i'm gonna have to divide them into spread posts so they can all be posted first we have my first 4 days of inktober for which i am drawing a yoshi every day: with two bonus yoshis i doodled on the side
  9. hi i'm ploegy and i love yoshi and persona 5
  10. these are sad times. too bad i only doodle these days and do pretty much nothing for others lol also take this joker yoshi
  11. some stuff i've been working on lately i never finished ann so half a screenshot of it and here's the full joker though i fixed the weird thing with his coat on the left after i had saved this image some meme art and the big piece i've been working on still gotta redo the lines and all that but hey ty forums for absolutely destroying the quality of this one
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