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  1. Team Name: Optic Team Tag: [OpTc] Registered Players: HALOTT, TooMuchGravy, Quarked, Mxdhin, Symplitik, oxlxGuccixlxo, habibiy, ThinkNicer, PinkWings, Ploegy Team Captain: HALOTT
  2. if you want me to make them for an entire dm the list of players and i can work on this soon that's if you needed full team sigs
  3. sig requests here are currently going to be postponed due to being requested to do psl sigs. in the mean time take some beans
  4. another doodle to distract me from the stupid irl stuff i'm dealing with
  5. quick arts i forced myself to do since it's been a month
  6. idk. make a request a find out i guess also not really sure how to approach this since idk how i'm suppose to have a render of you and all that
  7. Congrats to our winner Quarked and our runner up Mehagony! Bracket: https://challonge.com/g1shly39
  8. September Winner is Dindra! https://challonge.com/rsale3ee
  9. Date: Sunday, September 6th Time: 5 PM UTC | 1 PM EST Details: NU, Single Elimination Open to all members and friends of Optic Bracket will be posted the day of the tourney. Please whisper me before the tourney if you plan to participate Location: Slateport City, Ch3 First Place Prize: 700k Second Place Prize: 400k Third Place Prize: 100k Host: Ploegy
  10. I am happy to finally announce our results for this month! in third place we have @Mehagony! Second place goes to @Mxd! And in first place we have @OddishSprout! Thank you to everyone that participated!
  11. just a heads up judging will be slightly delayed until pinkwings is able to judge
  12. Congrats to Shankii for getting first place and TheBirdLord for getting second place! Thank you to everyone that participated!
  13. a lil doodle from the other day
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