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  1. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Friend of mine asked me to make a character for something they're doing so I made a messy boy today
  2. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    I'm pretty dead on both forums and the game though
  3. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Okay so I don't post really but let's be honest there isn't a ton of activity on forums to begin with
  4. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Only been like a month between sigs. This is incredible. I needed something new tbh
  5. Attack on Titan

    I was thinking of getting it on my Switch but I dunno if I will. Looks like something I could use to waste time
  6. Thanks guys ^^ I will look into some of these and tell you how I like em
  7. I'm a bit more on the action-y side. A little bit gory but not too gory.
  8. Was it any good cuz I started it awhile back and couldn't get in to it so I was wondering if it got better after like the first couple episodes Also if anyone has any recommendations I'm looking for something to watch right now. I just got done binge watching all of Boku no Hero Academia so I need something new
  9. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    I just be mean cuz you know that's what I do with your jokes NO NOT ON MY THREAD
  10. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    And you say that without even playing the game. This is why you annoy the hell outta me
  11. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    because their mouths are the same color as their hair or at least they were in Splatoon 1
  12. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Got lazy with my lines as usual and I was gonna do a background but I put too much effort into this so here
  13. Attack on Titan

    Finally we see Armin. About damn time
  14. [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    Huge wip but I was inspired to do some art so I've been polishing this basic sketch

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