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  1. Ploegy

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    did i take old smash art i did and expand on it? yes, yes i did. tis late for ultimate release, but happy ultimate anyways
  2. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    okay get smash ultimate and we'll settle this boi
  3. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    well i'd hope you know since i send that to you like every other day lmao
  4. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    only 5 days bois. take my giant yoshi doodle
  5. Well you got me here so I’ll share some memories starting with the og season. I still remember being one of the first matches, maybe even the first I honestly can’t remember, but nevertheless we had like 30 people in a ts channel and it was the hypest shit tbh. I totally had to leave the channel cuz it was too loud but that was the first of several matches that season I would sweep with a pikachu in uu PSL 2 when I somehow went for 25k yet was god awful all season lmao. Never forget that 75k was spent on 3 players on that team. Good job TJ PSL 3 where I was put in adv as a joke and was god awful but it was pretty damn funny. Never forget that blind metagross friends. It haunts me to this day and of course PSL 6 when I made my brief comeback and proved myself as an adv player. The dooms were a fun team to be on and it’s still sad that we ended with two best overall players in their respective tiers and didn’t make the playoffs but hey I’ll take being the last best adv ou player PSL has had Not sure if you wanted these here but I saw share memories so take them
  6. i'm guessing you've experienced this if you know ((:
  7. honestly i'll continue as a yoshi main, but i'm liking the looks of inkling and k rool. dlc wise, i'm still hoping for my boy geno
  8. as if i haven't had it preordered for months already. i ain't missing out on this game
  9. It did what we needed it to do and that’s what actually matters. My work here is done
  10. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    another hero costume design. this took way longer than it should have lmao
  11. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    who are you again? (:
  12. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    you right. he hates me now. smh sorry he loves me more than dnd
  13. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    she got a redesign. i'll make the lines pretty one day
  14. Ploegy

    [Sig] [Art] Ploegy's Art Kingdom

    so here's a little something i did a couple weeks ago but never posted. today felt fitting for it

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