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  1. But knowing Marina's popularity that might not be the case, but who knows. I'm not going to fight for the troll unless the other option is just bad
  2. @Kizhaz Should pick invisibility just cuz it's Marina's team and I don't wanna play for the troll
  3. It's worth for sure I have no preference tbh
  4. Welp I used both to make one character with two forms. Obviously was too lazy to fix the lines but I wanted to get color ideas so here we are
  5. @Crimar c: Happy birthday bud!
  6. Maybe after I make a present for a special someone c;
  7. I post them because I wanna show em off. Who cares if people reply
  8. I mean I wasn't asking for opinions on which was better so
  9. Cuz it's not Also first attempt at new character design??? I dunno if I like yet
  10. Trying to draw a new character but I end up just drawing Ness instead
  11. Fanfiction is writing tho Also Bil says to stop jouking
  12. I'm the worse version of Ploegy. Aka the adult version
  13. Wow I did so great at doing my requests lol I've been working on some new character design so maybe I'll have that up soon for you guys to see