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  1. Pretty much what orange said is the ideal set for pikachu. Hp ice is probably the best hp for it in uu though hp grass works well too
  2. Hopefully it actually comes in 2018 and doesn't take 3 years like this season took
  3. I am highly offended by the banner. Why must you always remind me of Blind-a-gross from PSL3?
  4. Trading my shiny meowth back in 2012 for 3 eeveelutions Back then it may have been a decent deal, but now I just look back on it ashamed
  5. I've been thinking about it and honestly that guy being Eren sounds exactly like something he would do. It's risky and dumb. Has Eren written all over it, but then again they have the power of the Colossal Titan back with the scouts, so sending in Eren wouldn't be a complete loss. I have a feeling if this guy is indeed Eren he is there to try and bring another titan shifter to their side because looking back he was seen in a scene in the previous chapter as well or maybe it was the chapter before that but either way he was watching the group from a distance and seemed to have both legs at that point But think about it. Falco has a possibility of becoming one of the shifters and maybe Eren is aware of that so he is targeting him. As much as I've come to like Reiner, I can't see him and Eren seeing eye to eye even if Reiner himself isn't sold on Marley's ways and seems to have more connection with the scouts than them. I could really see this part becoming really interesting depending on how they go about with these kid characters they've introduced. I hope they don't plan on having them take over soon as the titan shifters since I've really started to like the group of shifters we have
  6. @mayuuuuu And just cuz I colored this one too
  7. Mayu I promise I haven't forgotten to color. I just haven't gotten motivated to. Instead I doodled this
  8. I'm not sure if that is Eren. I've seen speculations that it is him, but if it was then his leg would have already started regenerating since you know titan powers and all that shit. But who knows. It might be him since his hair was long like that after the time skip. If it is him though you'd think it'd be risky to send him into the center of the enemy grounds. I know most wouldn't recognize him, but if he runs into Reiner oh boy that could be some good shit.
  9. I agree the newest chapter was really great and I feel that Reiner is still torn over everything like he was at the part the anime is currently at. I actually want to kind of see Reiner turn against his group as a way to possible protect his cousin or whatever that Gabi girl is I just like that we're finally seeing what the hell the motive behind Reiner and Co was. I still want more on the Beast Titan. Yeah we got his back story, but I want a reason to hate that shithead more
  10. I have greatly enjoyed it though the final area was a complete shitstorm. But it was pretty fun
  11. I'm glad you like it so far c:
  12. I can confirm I am absolute garbage at this game lol. It's pretty fun though