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  1. Wheel team bad.

    1. Ploegy


      They may be bad, but they are my bad team

  2. meet the artist or something like that
  3. hi i'm ploegy and i'm clearly only in the mood to doodle overwatch stuff lately u_u sorry not sorry
  4. wip of a request and animal practice featuring best hamster boi
  5. i apologize for how long this took me, but heyo finally got to finishing it
  6. kinda getting bad vibes from this, my dude. please be patient with me or maybe i'll just not make the sigs (:
  7. just preparing myself for the requests that are ahead by putting way too many hours into doing this
  8. I will hopefully be working on things again this upcoming week. Again I apologize for the wait but I’m doing my best to get myself in the best mindset I can have before I continue on
  9. quick update, things might take longer than planned to get finished. my mental health has kinda taken a turn for the worse as of today and it has pretty much killed my motivation to do much work at all. so i apologize in advance, but i must put my own health before all this
  10. just a progress update since i got the base sketch done dw i plan on touching up lines and all that before putting in colors. just making sure the pose is all good with you before i proceed forth
  11. currently closing requests until i can catch up. any requests beyond this point will be ignored until i can finish up everything else
  12. lol no worries. it really doesn’t bother me if you call me guy. i just find it amusing
  13. might as well become ploguy now. i’m no longer allowed to be a girl
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