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  1. What can I say? Kind, patient, clarifies any of your doubts and let's not forget the top notch efficiency. Best breeder I met so far. Now let me go back to farming so I have more services for you, good sir.
  2. My ingame name is: Dopethrone My favourite pokemon is: Vaporeon On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Cracking my skull open in order to build the most non-predictive comp team. My playtime ingame is: 300 hours I would like to join Team Läva because: I want to make friends because I kept spending the better part of last month (and this too) speaking to myself about strategy and competitive meta, even lost count of videos I watched on building teams. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: Because, dude, I have been playing pokemon for more than half of my life, which is about the same as the total age of some people here. Back in the 90's when I was about 10 or so and got my first Pokemon Red game never would I wonder 20 years or so later I'd still be playing what would become my favorite game of all time.
  3. Hey man, thanks :) I got as far as finding that out couple minutes ago, but the NPC says I'm not experienced enough to require his services or something like that. Any clue whats up with that? Like myabe completing the Giratina storyline or beating E4?
  4. pedrodattrinof


    So I've been playing the game for about a month and finally think I've built my competitive UU team. Anyways, feel free to contact me in game or whatever because so far I know about zero people who play this. The guy who introduced me to the game quit lol ALSO PLEASE! Did they butcher Heal Bell of Vaporeon? Because I can't find it anymore in any of the PC tutors :'(
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