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  1. Hola amigo, recuerde hacer una traducción en inglés aparte de la español, ya que es una de las reglas del foro~ Te recomiendo ir a https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ y crear un ticket en lo que trata tu problema y ahí te ayudarán con gusto, suerte~ Hello friend, remember to make a translation in English apart from Spanish, since it is one of the rules of the forum~ I recommend you to go https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/ and create a ticket about your problem and they will gladly help you there, good luck~
  2. Hola amigo, siempre recuerde poner una traducción en inglés aparte de la español es una de las reglas del foro~ Para salir de esas región debes hablar con tu mamá del juego para que ella te devuelva a la región principal ya mencionada que es teselia. Hello friend, always remenber to put an English translation apart from Spanish is one of the rules of the forum~ To leave those region you must talk to your mother about the game so that she returns you to the main region, she already mentioned that it is Unova.
  3. I feel like i should say something coherent but it's good that Spiritom and Azumarill have gone up to UU~
  4. Write me better for PokeMMO, my Ing is Baeex
  5. It's needed so that the pokemon in that region can follow you~exit their PokeBall
  6. Hola amigo, creo que no es muy importante lanzar un cebo o una piedra primero. Siempre que voy a atraparlos tiro Cebo > Piedra > PokeBall > PokeBall > Cebo o Cebo > PokeBall > PokeBall > Cebo > Pokeball, o simplemente tiro la PokeBall a la suerte. Hello Friend, i think that it is not very important to throw a bait or a rock firts. Whenever i go to catch them i throw Bait > Rock > PokeBall > PokeBall > Bait or Bait > PokeBall > PokeBall > Bait > Pokeball, or i just throw the PokeBall at luck.
  7. Hola amigo puedes subir Evs adecuadamente en los siguientes lugares: Hordas de Sealeo en la ruta 230 para subir HP. Hordas de Machoke en la ruta 211 para subir Ataque. Hordas de Pelipper en la ruta 222 (en el agua) para subir Defensa. Hordas de Roeselia en la ruta 229 para subir Ataque Especial. Hordas de Tentacruel frente del centro pokemon de la entrada de la calle victoria de sinnoh, para subir Defena Especial. Hordas de Floatzel en la ruta 218 (entrando por cuidad canal) para subir Velocidad. Hello friend u can upload Evs propely in the following places: Hordes of Sealeo on Route 230 to raise HP. Machoke hordes on Route 211 to climb Attack. Hordes of Pelipper on Route 222 (in the water) to climb Defense. Hordes of Roselia on Route 229 to go up Special Attack. Hordes of Tentacruel in front the pokemon center at the entrance of Sinnoh Victory Street, to go up Special Defense. Floatzel hordes on Route 218 (entering via Canalave city) to gain Speed.
  8. Hi, i'm not the best at pvp but i can help u. First of all, u should know that the hidden skills are not yet implemented in PokeMMO, hopefully they will be implemented in the furute. Olá, ñao sou o melhor em pvp mas posso ajudar. Em primeiro lugar, voce deve saber que as habilidades ocultas ainda ñao foram PokeMMO, espero que sejam implementadas no futuro. - Blissey Mov 1: Wish Mov 2: Teleport Mov 3: Toxic Mov 4: Flamethrower Item: LeftOvers Ability: Natural Cure Nature: Bold Evs: 4HP | 252 DEF | 252 SPD Ivs: 31 HP | 0 ATK | 31 DEF | 31 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED - Conkeldurr Mov 1: Bulk up Mov 2: Drain puch Mov 3: Mach Punch Mov 4: Stone Edge / Rock Slide our Rock Blast Item: FlameOrb Ability: Sheer Force Nature: Adamant Evs: 200 HP | 252 ATK | 58 Speed Ivs: 31 HP | 31 ATK | 31 DEF | 0 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED - Gengar Mov 1: Substitute Mov 2: Shadow Ball Mov 3: Focus Blast Mov 4: Nasty Plot Item: Black Sluge Ability: Cursed body Nature: Timid Evs: 6 HP | 252 SPA | 252 SPEED Ivs: 31 HP | 0 ATK | 31 DEF | 31 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED - Gliscor Mov 1: Toxic our Stealth Rock Mov 2: Roost Mov 3: Taunt our Defog Mov 4: Earthquake Item: LeftOvers Ability: Hyper Cutter Nature: Impish Evs: 200 HP | 252 DEF | 58 SPEED Ivs: 31 HP | 31 ATK | 31 DEF | 0 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED - Hydreigon Mov 1: Dark Pulse Mov 2: Dragon Pulse Mov 3: Flamethrower Mov 4: U-turn Item: Choise Scarf Ability: Levite Nature: Modest our Timid Evs: 6 HP | 252 SPA | 252 SPEED Ivs: 31 HP | 25 ATK | 31 DEF | 31 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED - Milotic Mov 1: Scald Mov 2: Recover Mov 3: Toxic our Ice Beam Mov 4: Haze Item: FlameOrb Ability: Marvel Scale Nature: Bold Evs: 252 HP | 150 DEF | 108 SPD Ivs: 31 HP | 0 ATK | 31 DEF | 31 SPA | 31 SPD | 31 SPEED
  9. Shiny Rapidash 90/06 :p (It's the 2do that i get). I spent 2 weeks looking for the Shiny Frillish:(, good luck to all those looking for shinies :p (come out yesterday).
  10. Hola amigo, el entrenamiento de Evs es de 252 de velocidad y 252 de ataque. MovSet es: Terremoto - Inversión - Trampa rocas y Golpe bajo con Naturaleza Alegre. Hi friend, Evs training is 252 Speed and 252 Attack. MovSet is: Earthquake - Reserval - Stealth Rock and Sucker Punch with Nature Jolly.
  11. Hi, i will give u can advice, u should always put everything u are saying in English as well as Spanish~ U can go to Support (https://support.pokemmo.eu/login/) and create a ticket to appeal u account and good luck.
  12. ING: Baeex Country: Venezuela Tiers: OU and NU Discord: Baeexito#0240 Personal note: We go like zombies, calle me my shorty~
  13. I don't like to be the firts to comment, but this about the hosts for WC 4 catches my attention, is there any requirement for this?
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