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  1. I will aslo support this, seeing how a person with a totally random team with Quick claws beat me in the ranking, it almost makes me cry:(
  2. Team Name: XxMonsterGodxX Team Tag: [MGod] Registered Players: Fantasmatico - Tartaleta - CipherKs - RobertoLlenera - XxUhkxX - Luxeher - Starkallen - Estratsgema - FeliredVD - SaitoJr - Baeex - KozukeXX - Aldrych. Team Captain: Estratsgema.
  3. Your suggestion is very good, but why don't we set out to complete the Pokedex? that way we would have a little more knowledge about the egg group of the pokémon, although i also understand the new players who do not have all the past regions.
  4. I need u service, add me in Discord ^^
  5. I think i have seen this Shiny Nidoking in another raffle and in order not to lose the habit i will buy somre tickets :).
  6. Come on, just a little bit more :c
  7. I changed something there and it looks like this:)
  8. It's Just perfect, I wish the battle arena was in the background in the monster-info.
  9. Baeex


    It' tells me "Unable to start updater process", i guess i have to wait.
  10. I will support this idea, although perhaps, they will leave it in oblivion...
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