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  1. Since I came back to work, I don't have as much time as I used to have (yep, corona still continues, but the private high school that I work in *spoiler - I'm a meme teacher* decided to start face-to-face education AAAAAAAAAAAAAAND I can't no-life anymore. However, I've decided to do some fanart of *drum rolls* Togekiss! I'm a casual player and I absolutely adore some designs of pokemons. I actually don't care about tiers/EVs/VIs (even though I've decided to learn everything that Pokemmo provided and such) or whatever else as long as I have my own fun. I've never used togekiss in my gameplay
  2. I'm glad :"D and nah, it's alright, feel free to use it, it's just a random doodle haha Okay, fast update - the pokegender. I've honestly always found it hillarious when "girly" looking pokemon had male gender, the way I imagined it was...well, pretty much like this: Manly bellossom will appear soon again, since there also was some story with it. Gotta love the muscles. Here's the hero from the story, sadly the current owner (AltUniverseJin) didn't show me the part of original OT. Whoever you are - bless you for this strong egirl pokemon!
  3. Oh my you summoned him, so apparently people know about this specific hunt xd; And thank you, I will be posting whenever I have some time to draw it, there were at least 4 other things that are worthy to show so far :"v YOU ARE HERE! I hope you don't feel offended or anything, this situation just really gave me the bitter-sweet feeling, from one side I legit I laughed at my confusion, from another side I felt so bad thinking how much time you've spent there doing it. I still wish you luck and since I'm exploring Hoenn I will check on you again for some "tiny cheerleading" x
  4. Hey there! Welcome to my doodle corner of randomness! The purpose of this thread is purely fun aka sh*ts and giggles. It's definitely not a quality content so don't expect the super-duper-extra-pro arts :v. I'm basically gonna doodle some short stories of my journey time to time and I will post them here so feel free to check them up...(or not, like I'm just one of the other thousands of players, absolutely nothing special). I honestly hope you'll give some of your opinions (maybe you've experienced something similar or w/e and would like to share your experience with related
  5. Annelin


    Heya, I'm Ann, I discovered this place thanks to my baguette friend like 3 days ago (absolutely bless him for it). So far I totally enjoy the concept of the game, pretty cool we can play it online with sooooo many people walking around and such (still gives me giggles seeing all those tiny moving pixels except your own) I'm looking for a casual, english speaking group of friends to play with, but either I'm blind or I can't find the "right place" on the forum for "looking for group" kind of thing (I'm prolly blind and stoopid oof) Any recommendations for the n00b friendly groups and
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