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  1. The name of the server we use is named after the names of many characters that have appeared in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure or their stand-in abilities. for example:LisaLisa and Higashikata Josuke (This is only part of) so @Desu @Kyu @Shu @SquirtleWhen will the function of stand-in ability be added to the game? I can't wait to get them
  2. get out 帽子未实装 目前没有人再拥有它 它只存在于神奥测试服 马头,为前任服装设计师jindu专属
  3. 注意声明: 1.此MOD为比雕大佬所制作 此转载已征得本人同意 在此感谢比雕的支持~ 2.此MOD目前暂时只有奇迹再现(PC&移动端) XY (PC)版本 MOD具体展示效果看这里---展示 奇迹再现下载链接: XY下载链接: 🙂
  4. 你好啊 我这边试了一下 是可以的 你可以再试下
  5. Choose to hoard a lot of temporarily low-priced fashions and wait for the increase to be sold, but please remember that this behavior is similar to stocks and carries a lot of risk. PS: I lost 60m+ because of this year’s Halloween staff
  6. 有一棵树 因为视野受限被挡住了 所以只需要砍掉它 就可以进去啦
  7. Quickly understand their gameplay in these festivals such as Halloween/Christmas/Spring Festival, and then continue to complete the game objectives, then use some rp to observe the appropriate market price, choose to buy some limited-time sale fashions, and then observe the market price if its price will be after it is off the shelf. If it falls, it needs to be sold immediately. If it starts to appreciate, then you can choose whether to sell In short, everything needs to examine the ability to insight into the market. Currently in the game, this is the easiest and fastest way to make money, but it is often accompanied by risks.
  8. Starting on November 12th and ending today. Thank you. I will continue to work hard!
  9. Ditto is an indispensable Pokémon for many players who are pursuing rare flashes. We can only trade six Ditto at a time. One box of Ditto requires 10 transactions and Ditto transactions always have some trading risks. We cannot guarantee Ditto merchants will not log off after completing the first transaction to avoid more transactions, and it is not only limited to Ditto, but also Pokémon of many other races that require a lot of transactions. So I encourage us to launch more one-time Pokémon transactions My thoughts are as follows: 1. The new trading system only allows two players to perform in any PC on the second floor of the PC 2. Support checking the 31 individual value of each Pokémon (players can better check when trading Pokémon with 31*1) 3. We don’t have to list all the Pokémon we want to trade, but race
  10. I think he may not be able to see the screenshots you provided because he is Chinese. For some reasons, these pictures and URLs cannot be loaded.
  11. 只有在打开mmo的时候有吗 或者楼上加一,也是对的哈哈,可以用火绒,360留着是个祸害
  12. 没办法,隔一段时间四处走动一下或者有跳跃石按跳跃石
  13. 在这里谈论这个话题没有什么意义 只有结论,没有可实行性 枯叶是绝大多数mmo玩家的站街,挂机,自由pvp,聊天的场所 已经成为很多玩家对于站街文化的第一印象场所,站街文化本身对于老外的意义更大,而且站街嘛,总是喜欢人多热闹些的, 国内本身了解和喜欢站街的玩家不多,而且手机用户玩家总是占了玩家总体的一部分,用手机站街总不能像电脑一样快速切屏 我们即使真的确定了场所,如何推广,让所有喜欢站街的玩家认可它 才是最大的问题
  14. 各位 请在私信或论坛资料处显示下游戏iD哈 不然这边可能没办法发礼袋了哈~ 谢谢配合!
  15. 那是因为美化版块你是顶置贴,贴的头像是你
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