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  1. 安得 这是中文分区的版主合影(曾经) ---来自YIBU
  2. 嘛.......我也认不全 emmmmmmmmmmm 从最上面开始 从右来看的话.. 依次是:SecretDjinn Bearminator Lin Rache Noad Squirtle 未知(圣诞帽) 未知(蓝色风吹) 未知(领结) MPDH 未知(圣诞助手帽) Ki Teddi
  3. 好吧 不得不拿出我的家底了 我本人也很喜欢收藏这些东西 很多图并不是我的 但你可能会感兴趣
  4. In fact, you only need to become a GM to enjoy teleportation permissions
  5. 但是 真的是初心吗 还是更方便的跑图
  6. Well I had to use a VPN to browse your funny status update stuff

  7. 自2022/1/17截止 停止福袋发放 但仍收录 对于优质回复 会有额外回馈 最后谢谢各位的支持
  8. Yes, no one can enter. They are unopened cities. Same as Anville Town and Liberty Gardens. They refer to content related to Black and White 2 or legends and N's castle can only be entered once
  9. 好家伙 头一次看到 这应该是Squirtle的疏忽 去私聊 @Squirtle 给他反应吧
  10. I think you may know about the problem that many android users cannot update properly: Error during unzipping

  11. 是的 楼上正点 自从圆桌会议 不过 我会考虑加入的!
  12. I think his stomach may not be that good
  13. 锤子挺长时间之前就被改了 不能发光了 没有之前的效果了
  14. 这里不是追闪记录板块 如果想要发布追闪记录板块 请前往 https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?forumId=289 This is not the flash tracking section. To publish the post, please go to https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?forumId=289
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