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  1. 然后弹出此页面 鼠标单点此键 将鼠标移动到此对应的位置 看到该路径代码 然后就能随便改了 (字体颜色懒得弄了 建议问楼上大佬~)
  2. 恭喜~ 这年头没有蓝鼻子 闪都不敢乱做了TvT
  3. 哈哈 是的 刚刚那个图其实不用打码也能看出来是Byheart =.=
  4. 这是文件过大 超过论坛所允许的最大单个上传限制导致的 This is because the uploaded file is too large and exceeds the maximum single file upload limit allowed by the forum.
  5. 所以你功夫鼬呢 呢鼬夫功你以所
  6. 曾经的我 做闪3+2=2 我不知道问题出在哪里了 可能是狗圈套反了
  7. I know: Kudasai YIBU Ki (has been withdrawn) Munya (only owned on the former test server) Shiny's saga is just a toy for ADM or SGM
  8. In fact, Rache had a few years ago. Yes, it was given to her by a friend of Rache.
  9. Now YIBU also has its own custom shiny Darkrai Will it be the second?
  10. Wandering or losing myself in an inexhaustible rift between reality and virtuality, unable to find the meaning of my existence, then left my computer because I was hungry and went to the fridge to find some food
  11. Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Cyndaquil Cyndaquil
  12. 永远



  13. 依照此主题所给路径尝试下?
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