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  1. Yeah that's true, people do genuinely like the grind (part of the reason people play pokémon tbh) and it *is* part of playing the game. This game is by no means P2W, and that's a good thing. I think the whole issue is more about how rewarding the whole MMO experience feels. It feels great to invest time into something like building comps and see them finished, but it's kind of disheartening to see other players skip most of the process because they've spent real money on the game. I've seen similar concerns voiced before, but if it's only a small minority that have those concerns t
  2. I have no issues with donating to the game, it's reselling donated purchases for profit that's the problem. There's an imbalance in people spending hours to farm for comps and people who can just burn through IRL money to sell gift shop items and get comps instantly. Of course this doesn't affect PvP gameplay and you can still earn RP through PvP, but to even get to that point there's a huge time/yen investment whereas some players just flip gift shop items to cut out the middle man and get straight into PvP. My point is that players can skip a large portion of farming for most
  3. Currently you can buy things like cosmetics, ocarinas, donator status and amnesia braces from the gift shop. I wouldn't be upset if these were exclusive to donors since they would have very little impact on the economy and are there for customisation or convenience. Gift shop vanities give players bragging rights for having donated to the game, and ocarinas/braces/donator status give small perks to make things easier for players. The problem is that some people don't use these items and immediately sell them for yen, and yen can be spent on almost anything including 5x31 comps that
  4. It doesn't change the fact that players are able to bypass farming by selling gift shop items for yen and buying comps, but yes my issue is that some players can afford to do this when others cannot. The devs could fix this by making future purchases of gift shop items untradeable (like they used to be) but I know this would hurt the game's income from donations, which is why I encouraged any thoughts or solutions on the issue (maybe some alternative perks that wouldn't be directly convertible to yen). I agree that all players will still end up having to grind as throwing money
  5. I agree it isn't much, but getting paid $10/hr from an IRL job and converting it into 2m yen is better than mindlessly farming for hours in-game to get the same amount. Farming is such a waste of time if you can just pay to bypass it entirely, which makes it unfair on players who can't afford or choose not to donate. I know the game isn't pay-to-win, but it's still very much pay-to-advance-faster. Of course farming isn't fun, but why bother farming when you can buy your way out of it? I get that it's like this by design, but wha
  6. (Apologies in advance as I know this has been raised before, but it's still an issue that needs addressing) I did a quick check on prices for items on the gift shop and compared them to the same items on the GTL, and the conversion seems like the following: 100RP = $1 100RP = 200,000 yen In terms of time vs. money it seems way more efficient to buy RP with real cash, pick up a vanity and throw it on the GTL for some quick and easy yen than it does to spend countless hours rebattling gyms or making alts for berry farming. This isn't pay-to-win since it d
  7. Adding a rom hack like Gaia could work since it only uses official mons from Gen 1-6, but Gen 6 content hasn't been added to PokeMMO yet (plus there's no clear indication if that will even happen / is possible with how the game currently works) As for Clover, no.
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