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  1. Yes i play in android, charryzard closets game ;/ , itd is Very important for me
  2. Fizer Charizard? In download link? And because I looked at the download , and i see the "update date", and I thought it was changed
  3. Charryzard , closet game , bug Wrong size of Snorlax, and charryzard. I am waiting for the correction carefully.
  4. Mu download iit us last update , the 0.8... charyzard closes game in bug :/
  5. Hi thanks for the mod, I thought it was beautiful, and super light, now it's almost a great game, all that remains is to fix the horrible pixel quality noises of the Pokémon voices to be a great game for me ... (Let a mod emerge) addition, only exists today for Pc and not android) But I have to warn you about a bug, this mod I thought was incredible .. I think they already warned that it is not possible to just be on my phone because EVERYTHING OF THIS MOD WAY LIGHTLY .. Bug: when I use Charizard, the game closes. I enter again, I see my charryzard's quick light battle, I leave the game normally, but when I enter the battle and my first pokémon and charryzard, the game takes a long time to start the battle, and when it starts, it closes the game .. .. Only the charryzard (from the back) I don't know from the front it has a bug. .. Another thing, the size of the charryzard is too small ... The snolarx looks like a teddy bear so small it looks ... I think it should decrease the quality of the charryzard, and increase the size, if Snorlax also has a problem, lower the quality of it too. But I don't know ... And just a suggestion that I've worked with skyrim mod in long time ... Apart from these two things, perfect job, congratulations !!
  6. As far as I know, these mods are for Pc, I even found the app to recognize, my hope and someone to know some mod for Android .. Even because it would be easy, it would only be a conversion and adjustments, the material already has ... Thank you, good morning too
  7. Hello, I have a question I've been trying to find it on the internet for hours, or install a mod that changes the horrible noises of the game (when I pull the Pokémon to follow you), I found some mods on the internet for Pc, and nothing for Android .. On YouTube I found realcrisis but it hasn't changed when I take out the pokémon to follow me. I also found the soundpacktv 2.2, the two appears, the game app loads, says it installed correctly, but nothing to change the horrible noises that the Pokémon makes when I make them to follow me .. Can someone help me ??
  8. I can't use the mod on Android. First, when I download it from Google, I already extract the files, like: I click on the link, and ask which app to open the mod (rar) and already extract ... (I can't have the mod, naturally, ".rar ", and yes, I have already extracted the files) and With the extracted files, I even compressed the files on the dar, but the Pokémmo app does not accept and says that the mod is corrupted. Maybe the download method will be changed. Download without extracting, and use the .rar without messing with it, maybe the pokemmo app won't accuse you of being corrupted. The problem that Google already asks for which app should open (rar) mod, ...
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