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  1. Red's breeding shop Hi there! Welcome to the shop, what are you looking for today? Breeding options: 2x31 3x25+ = 320k 2x31 3x27+ = 365k 2x31 3x30 = 570k 3x31 2x25+ = 425k 3x31 2x27+ = 475k 3x31 2x30 = 640k 5x31 = 1m 6x31= 2.2m (These prices will not be the same for male only or genderless) 9k genders = +25k 21k genders = +45k Full EV train = +25k Full EV train + Level 50 = +50k (I require full payment beforehand) Additional information: For my services, please contact me through discord or in game. Discord username: Yushii#6105 IGN: RedMare The first egg move is free, any additional egg moves are 15k extra. When you contact me please specify if you have a ball choice or hatch location. I also allow the option to have your OT but this requires you performing the final breed, I'm NOT responsible for mistakes made after the handoff. Feel free to leave reviews of my services below, send any suggestions to my discord. Love you all <3
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