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  1. Too much sauce. I'll get back to you asp. Again, thanks. Didn't consider tailoring kingdra's speed as it revenge kills opposing kingdras and so on lol. I have everything on that poke paste. I'll give it a spin.
  2. Thanks :) I'll give it a try. * HJK over CC was just to pick random KOs on pory2. I was on one point considering playing stone edge over rock slide too to pick up salamences. I was quite content with the 1v1 trade off. Mienshao's set is the most challenging to me as it learns so many things. I was also considering wideguard and detect for my kid. * Instead of TW on peli, can it be icy wind for more coverage? *Ye. my only check to crobat+mienshao leads is meta + whim, or meta + kingdra. Other than that I wasn't having too much trouble against TR. I didn't consider encore + taunt on whim. I want also to fit in protect lol. *on the kingdra set - ye, I'll put Draco to improve my mienshao + Crobat match up. But I don't like the fact that I cannot spam the move. the hurricane tech is quite important lol. again, the same problem as with whim. Too many moves to fit in. So I'll try - Draco, muddy, hurri, protect. *and finally. yes. against the classic H.O. I have to play like a god haha. modest jolteon :o. With the Scizor + jolteon consideration the team will morph some sort of orange's team. hahah. *regardless of everything I have to breed a ludi. Thanks for the feedback rakh!
  3. Dear MMO: I get haxed like crazy lately. I've dropped in a single day 30 points on PVP (OU). You can look at my record from previous seasons (to make notice that I don't choke in that degree) and is just absolutely outrageous. It feels like I've been targeted. I just lost 2 straight games just now with crits alone. I mean, its way too much bad luck, so that makes me think that - I can blame it on just plain bad luck and I really need to quit or take a long break, or I should blame the algorithm somehow. lol. Long time player, first time complainer. The whole situation really discourages me from playing the game I love. Lots of love. - Astar
  4. Okay. Thanks. Here it goes: https://pokepast.es/952aa8a2c2341794 I've experienced a bunch with mixed d-nite, Scizor, Garchomp, and hitmontop. I am familiar with the other builds but I don't want to simply copy them.
  5. Team Name: The kings of a new age Team Tag: NEWK Registered Players: Carlorivera, danielZF, xMaikellx *alternates in case for an emergency: NestorWZX, Zenolf, SeverusxD Team Captain: Carlorivera Thanks :)
  6. This is extremely useful - I've been trying my own build but it seems too weak still
  7. Uh! I have more lol - allow to use master balls on safari - make the sleep mandatory for at least 1 turn -like in gen 8 I believe- - stop nerfing the farming methods lol. - reduce the cost of the harvesting tool.
  8. Hi! I was wondering when will there be (or if there is any intention or an ongoing proyecto to do so) a patch or an update to make the game compatible with M1 Mac Users. Thanks for your time :) - Astar
  9. 1) 2 minutes lapse per turn (pvp) 2) Option to cancel a move (pvp). 1 and 2 should go together. 3) Less time to wait to enter matches (1 min ideally) Thanks :)
  10. Exclente post! Gracias. Hay alguna versión actualizada o podrían actualizar esta? Una Chopple Berry ahora necesita p.e. x2 semillas muy picantes y x1 muy amarga.
  11. Hi! I am new to the game, and I was wondering if there's certain special item that makes, for example, a Conkledurr learn Mach Punch (as its an egg move). Or the only way is to breed a brand new Timburr? Thanks in advance.
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