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  1. In Android it's really hard to see where you're going with the current Field of View, if we could either change it on the game settings with a Field of View slider, or even if you increased it by a fixed amount without implementing the dynamic slider it'd be VERY helpful for us who wants to play in our phone. I'm ramming to every wall I possibly can when on the bike, since I can only see like 4 tiles up. Image of current field of view, imagine going in the bike with that, you do not know where you're going.
  2. Why isn't this mod included in the vanilla PokeMMO package? it already got the working sprites, so why don't they add it on the vanilla package? The hard work has already been done, which is getting/animating the sprites.
  3. For some reason the music on the PokeCenter is bugged, sounds like a drowned buggy sound, it's weird, and creppy. Edit: I'm sorry, I don't know if the newer versions are causing this, but, my game has crashed twice when entering a new instance (changing from bike to walking, or from bike to battle), and also sometimes PokeCenter's and Battle themes are getting buggy, idk if files got corrupted when installing, will try again. The mod is amazing, the song choice is awesome, I love it, but the bugs and crashes make it unusable atm. Will update after reinstalling.
  4. Ok, so basically I'm going to lose the parents forever? Hmph, I used to like breeding due to the fact that I could multiply my pokemons... so I can't do that anymore?
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