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  1. Hello, I am currently buying fairy breeders to shiny hunt (only male), whisp in-game me if you have any. I'm currently paying 50k per box. My IGN is Zhengshuo, .
  2. Just finished training my Ferrothorn, excellent service 10/10. Will come back again in the future.
  3. My ingame name is: Zhengshuo My favourite pokemon is: I really don't have a favourite Pokémon, since I love almost all of them. But if I had to choose one, it would be Garchomp; I still remember Cynthia destroying me with it as a kid. On Pokemmo I am currently busy doing: Most of the time I'm either e4 grinding, gym rebattling, breeding pvp mons and, last but not least, playing OU ranked. My playtime ingame is: 450 hours, I started playing a few weeks before summer and got instantly hooked since day one. I would like to join Team Läva because: I would like to join Team Läva to enjoy PokeMMO to its fullest; you can't fully enjoy a MMO if you play alone! I would like to find people like me who likes to talk about competitive Pokémon, as well as casually chatting when I'm grinding. This is why Team Läva has to invite me as member: I am a active player since day one and a very chatty player with interesting topics, PokeMMO related and real life stuff. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe I'm indispensable for the team, I just want to have some good time playing with a community!
  4. It must be an unintentional bug.
  5. Can you link me the chinese post? Thanks in advance.
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