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  1. Gracias de todas formas pero el creador de ese mod lo actualizó hace como 3 días me aprece, hasta ahorita funciona bien. Si actualizas el que tú hiciste estaré al pendiente. Saludos!
  2. After instal the mod i noticed a very few issues. The wild pokemon track/music in Kanto (at the moment i only have acces to kanto) doesnt seems to play when you find a wild pokemon, only a few times (Like 1 of 5 times it play correctly) most of the time it plays the normal wild pokemon track/music whic can be annoying because the original pokemmo track is louder. This other one is not really an issue it just that in the extra islands on kanto jsut play the regular music which to me is fine. Hope that this helps to your mod and again, thank you for your response and the
  3. You are the best! Thank you very much and greetings from México! This has to be one of the greates mod out there for MMO!
  4. Hola bro! Pudieras hacer que un mood que hicieron ahce no mucho que era mezclar al musica de Zelda y Pokemon volviera a funcionar? La onda es que los que lo hicieron no lo han actualizado. La verdad no sé que tanto trabajo sería :v Estos son a los que me refiero. Saludos!
  5. Can you please update this mod? I just download it but doesnt play any song in any part of the map or in any city.
  6. Hi! Hope this still around. I just download the mood wich the client can actually read/recognize but in the game doesnt sound anything in the background. Can you please update this mod?
  7. Than you very much! Works fine in the most recent update
  8. Really nice theme bro! Thank you!
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