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  1. 抱歉,蓝鼻子已经休息了,所以没办法及时修改,因为版本更新可能公式出了错,,请谅解
  2. My friend, can you share all the mods you installed? My experience is not very good,,,,,
  3. Thank you for your theme. I finally used it successfully. When using it, I need to delete the original file and add a new theme. After replacement, you need to put the best.apk Change the permissions of,, to read and write globally
  4. I wonder if there is something wrong with the file I downloaded? , because I downloaded it through the Chinese section. Maybe the files are missing or wrong. Can you tell me which files and download links need to be downloaded? I'll try again
  5. Maybe I'm just suitable for fool operation. I've tried it for a long time, but I still can't do it. I've tried copy paste, cut paste, and directly replace it in the root directory. When I use it, I have a problem. Flash back
  6. I met the same situation as the previous player. After replacing the file, pokemmo software opened and reported an error... I completely follow your steps, but after the replacement, I can't open the software. (the size of the original file is 62m, but it is only 55m after replacement. I don't understand why the size has changed. You can share your revised version best.apk Do you have any documents? My email is [email protected]
  7. 又发现一个。。。算了先不发了睡觉
  8. 优雅猫的一般皮肤,,识破以后都不能攻击幽灵属性吗,为啥觉一般可以呢,,,可能是大佬你的一般皮肤优先级比识破比胆量特性高,所以出现这种问题
  9. 我又重开游戏了,,,,话说破格在被攻击方的bug,还是没修复吗,居然让有色失效了。
  10. 你看下面有我为你的解答,前面忘记引用了
  11. 关于精灵图鉴中的精灵分部,你可以查看图鉴消息中的野外分别,点击即可展开 里面有出现的就说明能有野生,例如固拉多这个游戏没有开放我们就没有填写信息(因为我们内容是一个表格代表一个信息,所有就不像游戏一样直接描述未发现野生) 这个游戏现在只有4个神兽能在野外被玩家捕获(只能暂时拥有,下线就会自动逃跑,拥有的时候强制参与其他玩家发起的PVP战斗)例如,关都-华蓝洞窟-100级超梦 丰源-天空之柱-100级烈空坐 神奥-天冠山-100级阿尔宙斯 合众-雪花湿地-100级凯路迪欧 捕获成功以后所在地区全服通告。
  12. 那你们后续是打算怎么调整呢,找YIBU等GM管理人员 收集相关更改信息,还是自己对照游戏内容 一个个修改
  13. 你们这个调整,,,就是有点类似打一下动一下。。。。。你们调整是看到有人反馈什么就调整什么吗,,,,
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